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Custom House Special Line - Good news and Bad news!

Sep 7, 2007

    1. Hi, this is Gina from Custom House Special Line.
      I have several good news and bad news.
      I won't say which is good and which is bad because they are all subjective :)

      _1 /

      Custom House Special Line order will be no longer accepted through the CHSL website.
      Last day to order is September 12, 2007.
      * For the customers who already have placed order and waiting, your order is being processed without any changes or delays.

      _2 /

      Custom House Special Line will be part of the Custom House official website.
      "Anyone" can order through the official website when it becomes available,
      which will be around beginning of October.

      _3 /

      Did I say "Anyone"?
      Custom House Special Line is no longer limited to customers in North/South American or Europe. Anyone can order.

      _4 /

      Wait... not "Anyone".. actually.
      Custom House will take applications for Premium Patron memberships.
      Only people who are PP members can order CHSL dolls, along with many many other benefits.
      (more information on Premium Patron membership will be available when the new website is up. I can't answer any questions regarding PP membership at this point.)


      Any changes in CHSL?
      I am not really sure if anything will be different when it becomes part of the website.
      If you wanted to order a dream doll, and you like the options at current website,
      please act quick and order before 9/ 12/ 2007. :)

      Thank you for your time!

      Have a great weekend, everyone!

      Custom House Special Line