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Custom House Special Line - New Makeup Samples!

Mar 16, 2007

    1. :::: New Faceup samples are available. ::::

      (Sarasoo and Kaiiyu versions)

      :::: New outside artist available - Uyuchagongbang ::::


      as Custom House US Representative, I am happy to announce a very special line for people in America and Europe.
      Custom House Special Line (CHSL) is an ultimate way to get your dream doll at a reasonable price.
      Through CHSL you can get any doll that was ever created by Custom House,
      in any skin color, and any makeup.

      Your dream doll will come with your choice of eyes, wig, outfit, and makeup.
      CHSL is a proud partner of Enchanted Doll and eyes for the CHSL dolls are provided by them.
      Which means you have more than 80 colors to choose from, not to mention ability to customize your own.

      Please visit http://www.chspecialline.com to get your dream doll!

      *added on 4/16 - Our former makeup artist Heavybomb has agreed to take makeup commission for the CHSL dolls.
      Her makeup sample has been added to our website!


    2. Question - When you say "Any doll ever created by CH", does that mean we are allowed to select from limited heads too? (IE Jun)
    3. :o Discussion [thread=124573]HERE[/thread]! :D
    4. And what sort of price are we looking at, here?
    5. St. James your discussion thread is not working?

      You can see the prices on the site. The Custom House site has no mention of this site, only a week ago I asked them if it would be possible to have a doll custom made for me and they said NO. I am suprised they never mentioned this site.

      Its like a dream come true and you can even have enchanted eyes of the color you want which normally take 2 months or more just to arrive. If this is real you can expect an order from me!

      Someone has asked on the custom house board to be sure this company is affiliated with custom house and that custom house will be fullfilling the orders just to be safe.
      I don't mean to insult this company, but with so many scams and strange dealings in the ball jointed world I hope you will understand this post. I can't wait for Custom house to give it the thumbs up! Like everyone else I would love your company if you can make our Custom House dreams come true!!
    6. the prices are:
      Petite Ai: $600
      Little Junior: $630
      Junior: T.B.D.
      Ai boys: $970
      Ai girls: $920
    7. Yes!
      Any dolls!! (I feel so good when I answer this question :)

      Any doll except the ones that were customized for Unique Dolls.
    8. I have expected this :)
      This site is not mentioned on their official website because this is exclusive to people in Europe and America only. (I doubt they will ever put this on their website)
      Also, I'm not running a company... all the payment directly goes to Custom House (paypal) and it gets shipped out of their company in Korea. I only take orders and answer questions.

      I hope the person who asked question on the CH website gets answer soon. :)
      (you can also call the company between about 8:30 PM ~ 5:00AM EST)

      However, I understand everyone having doubts about CHSL because it's too good to be true, eh? :)

      Have a great day~

    9. How long will this be available for? And also, are there any plans to offer Junior Ai in this way? They don't have a price listed for Junior Ai, but this is the size I would be most interested in... :(
    10. Hi :)

      They have no plan to stop or discontinue this service for now.
      They may expand to other region later, but not for now.

      Regarding Junior Ai, they are currently re-making Junior Ai body so, they won't be available yet. (yes, I'm looking forward to Junior Ai as well :) )

      Thank you for your interest~

    11. Will it be possible to just buy the heads of dolls, or bodies, seperatly?
    12. Sorry... I would have to say 'no' on this.
      They only come as a whole doll.

      sorry for the bad news.

    13. Could you tell us a little more about the makeup choices? Is it possible to have a custom faceup, not just something in a style type?

      I would love to have a dreaming version of my Unique Midnight Illusion Choa, if Uyuchagongbang could do it!
      *is floored by the possibility*
    14. Is it only available to USA/Europe? How about Asia?
    15. Sorry, not for Asia at this time...
    16. As you can see in the makeup option, you can have a custom faceup.
      You can get any limited doll makeup but NOT unique dolls.
      So, you can't get Unique Midnight Illusion Choa's makeup...
      Also, you can't specify the makeup artist.
      Sorry >_<
    17. Well the question on Custom house has been answered but you have to be the person who posted it to see the answer. If you asked the question can you please post here what Custom house said.

    18. CH just posted this:

      :aheartbea :aheartbea

      Hello dear friends of Custom House,
      Thank you so much for your love and interest on our AI dolls~

      We have receieved several emails concerning about the new site:


      and if this site is legitimate.

      This is our new coming site that's specially open for North/ South America and Europe for you to create your own doll at a reasonable price.
      The site has all necessary formal contract with Custom House and feel free to order from the site.

      We look forward your visit and thank you for your attention.

      With love,
      Forest of AI.

      d this:
    19. hmmm is mina mould avaliable??? i been wanting her mould :D :D