Custom House St Mi-na

May 15, 2020

    1. Hi every body,
      Well, my Grail doll is to come home in a couple of weeks : that is 2004 St Mi-na from Custom House, blank sad face, with original long brown wig. She is coming nude, and I wonder if any one here has the doll with her original dress ? could be the red one with white shirt, or the black Lolita Punk one ? i would like very much to have mine dressed as the original, but lack of informations to get some clothes before she arrives. What kind of shoes does the original one have ?
      Does any of you here have the doll and could help me in this search about Mi-na ? I would need photos of the original dress, shoes also what is her exact mensurations ? And also my question is dIid the original had real eyelashes or not ?
      I considere her as the most precious and rare BJD I ever had, knowing that my actual dolls are art fashion BJD such as Pasha, Marmitesue, Popovy, etc. So Mi-na is to be a total change for me.
      Any photos would be a great help. Thanks a lot.
      Oh, by the way, when watching the movie "The Doll Master" it seems that the very first Mi-na got burn at the end ? so no hope to get a good photo of her (excepted actress Eun-kyeong Lim with the doll in her arm) or does she still exist ?
      Thank you every body :hug:
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    2. Congrats on getting your grail, she definitely brings back some memories!
      Have you tried searching the forum for more reference of her? Unfortunately, I don't know what she came with originally, especially as it pertains to shoes. But maybe there are some old, 15 year old posts that can lend some information? I think there is an old discussion thread called "The Ai" on here for Custom House, that might be a good place to start!

      Unfortunately, the resolution of any copy of that movie seems to be atrocious. I'm not sure if it's allowed to link externally, but this old post from another forum seems to have a few *decent* reference images. You probably will have to sew or commission a similar outfit but it can be done! The movie is also on Youtube in like, 480p if you want to try and scrounge for additional reference ;)
    3. Congrats on getting your grail!
      A while ago I found pretty good reference for fullset #2 (for the smiling face as far as I understand): ORIGINAL CUSTOMHOUSE ST. MINA WITH CLOTHES & MOVIE | #132730447. Maybe this will help.
      I might have some old photos of the first fullset on an old drive. I'll see if I can find them.

      I have a Mina head which I would love to get a body for, she's been sadly neglected for a while. Got to get on it ;)
    4. Tagging @Ophiaca ,I think she has the black original outfit on her Mina (or at least part of it), maybe she'll be able to help!^^
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    5. @Abell Hi there, I just realized I had been tagged! :)
      Congrats on getting a Mina, she's a real special doll! <3
      I got mine second hand in the original outfit including wig and eyes, but blank. She's a smiling Mina, so she has to be the 2nd version. AFAIK 1st and 2nd version came with the same outfit but with different additional heads. On the website it also said that shoes and eyes are random. I have this company photo of the first Mina:
      It's not very detailed sadly. My Mina has different shoes (coincidentally they look like those worn by Unique Mina), but the rest is the same. I can take photos of my Mina in her dress and shoes if you like? Measurements can be found in the Wiki here.
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    6. There are also a few more photos of the first Mina fullset at the archived Custom House website: Customhouse (this link works better for me in Google Chrome than in Firefox for some reason). Hope that helps!
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    7. oh thank you so so much!!! I did not answer before because I was not aware of your post!
      Oh yes, if you could take some photos of the original dress from your doll, would be great!
      My Mi-na is blank and I do not know yet if I'm going t offer her the same original face up by CH or the one from the movie ? For what I understood, that one has been destroyed for the need of the movie, is this right ?
      Once again Thank you so so much!:hug:

      Dei thank you so much!!!! thanks to you I have been able to see those images, also the kind of eyes CH was selling. Strangely enough, my Mi-na has blue eyes even being Asian type. And I see in the "eyes" department CH was not selling black eyes neither ?
      How fascinating those informations are, I can't thank you enough, you and Ophiaca :hug::abow::abow::abow:
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    8. @Abell Shame on me, I haven't been here for a while and now I missed your reply! :doh
      Anyway, in case you're still watching, here are photos of my Mina's dress:

      [​IMG]Custom House St. Mina default dress items by Oh Shiny, on Flickr

      I hope this helps you somewhat? The details are hard to capture as it's all black.

      Eyes and shoes were random, only the wig was fixed. Mine came with brown glass eyes and the shoes you see here. She doesn't wear the wig though as it's too big for her. The stockings were added by me as well.
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    9. Thank you so so much for your help, you'r very kind