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Custom House - Summer Event + New Ai Limiteds (New Boy Body?)

Jul 11, 2008

    1. (NOTE: All links on this page are to the Coming Soon pages for these dolls.)

      Custom House has revealed their event for summer 2008 (between 7/12 to 8/12) -- the first 20 customers to spend over either 900,000 won (domestic customers) or $1000 (international customers) will receive a free event doll, an "Angel Bisou." The customer will get to choose which Bisou model they want -- the doll will come naked with a faceup, angel wings, random eyes, and a random wig.

      Event present: Angel Bisou


      Also, two new 60cm limiteds, an Ai boy (Lino) and an Ai girl (Iriya) -- both go on sale July 13, 7pm Korean time.

      Limited Ai boy: Dunkler Schatten-Lino

      (Okay -- that is NOT the usual Ai boy body ... since when has CH had a new body up their sleeve? *_* *stares at double-jointed elbows and redesigned torso*)

      Limited Ai girl: Regina Orientale-Iriya


    2. Update on the limiteds -- Lino is $850 ($723 for PPC members), and Iriya is $790 ($672 for PPC members).

      Both dolls are limited to 10 worldwide.
    3. Is there any knowledge how tall the new boy body is?
    4. Iriya's PP price has been amended to $672. They forgot to apply the PP discount the first time around ^^
    5. No idea, I'm afraid -- I would think that since they're still calling Lino an "Ai boy" that he's still in the 60 cm range, but no way to be sure without asking CH directly. I would post on the Q&A if you want to know the exact height.

      Thanks, I've updated the relevant post. :)
    6. Just an update on how the summer event works -- rather than checking each order as it comes in, CH is taking orders for the length of the event, and Angel Bisou confirmations will be sent out all at once when the event is over. Here is their Q&A reply to me: