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Custom House to release Petite Ai parts on 11/24

Nov 23, 2006

    1. CH just sent out an email to their mailing list saying they're releasing Petite Ai parts starting on the 24th:


      Hooray! :D
    2. I'm not too familiar with the Petite Ai dolls, could someone tell me which doll each blank head belongs to? Are there any new ones in that picture above?
    3. I'll give it a whack but I won't be able to do all of them 05 the smiley one is Manuel, 03 is Hanael, and somebody else better do the rest. They are all named for angels hence the asexual body.
    4. I would say that PH-04 is Gabriel and PH-02 is maybe Ramiel.

    5. I think it's...
      1 - Hanael
      2 - Ramiel
      3 - Uriel
      4 - Gabriel
      5 - Eriel
      6 - Nanael
      Its only the basics so no Raphael or Manuel... I dont know what order their heads are in cause theyre not in the order they were made/released...
    6. Actually, the heads are:
      1. Uriel
      2. Ramiel
      3. Hanael
      4. Gabriel
      5. Eriel
      6. Nanael

      Five and six could be switched, I'm not sure, but I'm pretty much positive on the others.