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Custom Iplehouse dolls System starting on 1st September to 7th September

Aug 27, 2010

    1. Iplehouse just made an announcement about their new Custom Iplehouse dolls System option.

      Hello, this is Iple House

      We are glad to open the Custom Doll System. ^^
      The order period is from 1st to 7th of Sept.
      First of all, we will start with EID woman and SID woman body but try to make it possible to apply for
      other dolls later.
      We guess you have many questions about this new system..

      Please refer to the below.

      Q : There is no option for Ebony color, will you offer the ebony color option?

      A: We have been faced with difficulty of making ebony color.
      Therefore, we will consider about it, but we cannot offer the color at this moment, it might be someday
      in the future but we have no idea when it would be released. ^^


      Q : Is it possible to put EID woman or SID woman body to YID man or SID man head?

      A : The neck size is different, so we will not offer the parts which are not possible to be assembled
      and further more we will not provide you with the parts which can make it look strange.


      Q: Why the order period is only one week?

      A ; First of all, we'd like to say that it is possible to purchase every month.

      The reason we made the fixed period is to arrange our schedule easily and make the items shipped quickly.
      From the 1st to 7th of every moth, it is possible to make an order. ^^


      Q : Will you release special edition dolls in the future?

      A : Since the doll choice system is opened, we will not use the way we've done until now like
      JID special edition, EID special edition and SID special edition, etc.)

      However, we are planing to release the series with a theme like Tokyo Story.

      We will do our best to give you pleasure with various themes.


      Q : When will you release EID man, SID man and JID?

      A: We haven't decided the exact period. We'd like to ask you to wait the items with patience.
      The dolls are tentatively scheduled to be released within this year


      Q : How long does it take to ship ?

      A: It might take around one month for basic colors ( normal & white rose), and in case of other colors, it would take more time.

      We will appreciate if you understand our situation.

      Thank you in advance for your support @^__^@

      Here's the link to announcement:

      Custom Doll System Order page:

      They are starting with the EID Basic woman first, where we can have an option to choose an EID Head on a SID Woman body!!

      Yaaaaay!! I am sure this is a dream come true for many people!!:D
    2. Does this mean they'll be releasing the tan resin as an option? I'm not worried about the ebony, but I just love their tans!
    3. Is light tan the same resin color as Lt. Cocori?
    4. No problem!

      First, you can choose either an SID Woman body or EID Woman body, breast size and if you want mobility joint.

      Next you choose the head from the following choices : Jessica, Yur, Luna, Asa, Ashanti, Cherie or Soo

      Then, you choose the skin color from the following choices: Normal, Rose White, Real Skin - extra $60 or Light Brown Skin - extra $90

      Finally, you choose either you want custom make-up or no make-up. For custom make-up, please put your face-up instructions or image on the Q&A Board with your order number.

      **Please note you can only order Custom Doll System during the first week of every month.**

      **Carina head will be added later**

      ** Processing time will be 30 days for normal or rose white skin. Real Skin and Light Brown Skin will have longer processing time.**

    5. The correct Iple term is Light Brown Skin which is the same skin color as the Noctarcana Circus Carina and Theo dolls.

    6. Really great news about the custom dolls! ^__^
      Thank you for posting, Padme79!!

      There is only still a question. >.< I'm a bit confused!
      Will the Carina head be added later to the page for the
      custom order September the 1st to September the 7th
      or do we have to wait for an other order period in the
      near future??
    7. You're most welcome Felias Beast!

      According to Iplehouse, Carina will be added once she is released as a Basic doll and she will be added to custom dolls system either on the first week of October or November.

      I can't wait to get SID Carina in normal skin!