Custom Stuffed Animals/Dolls For Your BJD

Oct 28, 2017

    1. Has anyone ever had any stuffed animals or dolls custom made for your bjd? I thought it would be nice to get a vintage looking ragdoll for my 1/3 girl.
    2. That's a really cute idea! I've never had custom ones made, but a lot of my dolls have little stuffed animal friends. Plush phone charms or keychains can be cute and cheap while you can sometimes find some fancier pals on etsy.
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    3. Etsy is one of my favorite websites to shop for bjd stuff!
    4. That's a cool idea. Some of my dolls have toys of their own, tiny keychain toys and that. I might crochet some too. Little crocheted versions of themselves would be cute!
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    5. I saw handmade Teddy bears very small in size. I think that these toys will fit in SD dolls and any MSD (or it`s will the biggest toy for tiny dolls ^^)
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    6. My 1/4 boy Vish has a crocheted yellow submarine, and my pukifee who's currently dressed as Wednesday Addams has a headless dolly, but I think those are the only custom toys my dolls have. But part of that is just my lack of time and energy though as there are a few other things I'd like to make for my resin babes.
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    7. I have!

      I had a bear commissioned a few years ago for my boy, but unfortunately it suffered irreparable damage at one point and I had to let it go. Lakin has a seal that I needle-felted for him. Opaline has a clown doll that I got from Goodwill, repainted and made a new costume for it. It looks nothing like it did originally, so I suppose that counts as custom?
    8. Sure, that counts as custom! That sounds really cool!
    9. Opaline and her clown:


      I had the idea for her and I thought it would be so easy to find, but I was so wrong! Most of these clowns were either over $25 (and I'm cheap on toys for toys), much too big, or brightly colored and not creepy enough. I found this one or around $3, but she had a bright yellow sequinned suit and hat, and the hat was glittery with bells. Her paint was shiny gold. She was also very stiff, meant to be standing. So I bought her, pulled half her stuffing out, removed the hat (and a lot of glue), repainted her and used the old suit to make a pattern for the new one. Got exactly what I envisioned! Sometimes, getting creative or commissioning someone is the only way to get that perfect prop for your BJD.
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    10. That looks really cool and very creative! I love the ouija board!
    11. They look great together!
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