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Custom vs. Company Face-Ups

May 17, 2017

    1. I actually have a mix of both custom face ups and company face ups for my collection. It really all depends on whether I like the company default or not (and some companies do offer custom face ups too). I find it is easier to get a company face up because then I get a doll I don't have to send away but if I really don't like the company face up, I will just get the doll blank and send it out for painting with an artist. I haven't really done much face ups on resin dolls yet, only on vinyl dolls but eventually I might be brave enough to try. It'd be nice if I could do my own face ups because sending a head overseas can be nerve wrecking!

      Going back to the original question, I don't prefer one over the other as I like both equally.
    2. Def customise my own that way it is a one of a kind and unique
    3. Hhhhh depends on if the doll is meant to be a shell for a character or not. Sometimes a company faceup is perfect but imo most times custom is the way to go, that way you can have everything the way you want it down to the stupidly obscure details.
    4. Since my dolls don't have characters I often do like company face-ups they are usually really beautiful and well done. That being said I do think that learning to do face-ups is the best thing I've ever done in this hobby, sometimes things just happen to a face over the years and it needs to be redone, also I no longer have the limitation of needing a doll to come with a face-up second hand.
    5. I got my Resinsoul with the company faceup to see what it was like and immediately changed it, but I recently fell in love with anothet doll's company faceup and fullset outfit and ordered her as result, so I guess it really depends on the style of the company and the type of character.
    6. Ah! This is an interesting thread to read through! I actually had been wondering that myself.

      I got my first doll with company faceup. Mostly it’s my first bjd, and I wanted as little effort as possible so that I don’t get discouraged by an incomplete doll being around me while i get impatient. From what I have seen, company face ups are usually cheaper but more basic and default as well.

      Now I actually have done more research. I have two more floating heads on the way that are actually blank. I’m definitely determined to commission a faceup artist whose style I Like a lot!

      I think it’s great to get started with company faceup for your first doll. Since it’s practically less work and waiting time. Your doll would work out of the box. I’m probably eventually going to wipe the default at one point though. Not sure yet
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    7. I love doing my own face ups, its my favourite part of the dolls character making and hopefully I will be starting to offer and sell my skills to others, as I find im wiping and repainting my dolls waaaaaaaaay to often
    8. I am not a pro, but I like to do it myself.
    9. I'm a mix of both. I do all of the face-ups for my guys (with the exception of my first doll, but he'll probably receive a new one from me somewhere down the line) since I tend to be more picky with them. Learning face-up skills wasn't too difficult when I started the hobby since I am an artist. My girls' company face-ups have the same beauty aesthetics as me so I typically get those instead of giving them face-ups myself. I just see it as an additional way to support other artists. Most of my female dolls are going to be from Supiadoll and their face-ups are 100% my style, so I don't see a lot of female face-ups in my future.
    10. I prefer custom face-ups mostly because it's not easy to find what I am looking for in company face ups. And I am currently practising face ups so in the future I can do them on my own :3nodding:
    11. Love the custom! Never had one done though :(
    12. Often the company faceup is what attracts me to a doll. Companies that have multiple faceup options for a single head sculpt are amazing. However, one of my best dolls had a custom from her previous owner and has just gotten a new custom and I've so glad I did it. In the future, if I don't like the company faceup but still like the head sculpt I'm going to get a custom for sure!
    13. i much prefer custom as they usually come out more original and im usually supporting a smaller artist!
    14. Some company face ups are really nice and what bring me to the doll, but I’ve seen so many amazing artists that I would love to commission. Eventually, I would also like to do my own face ups.
    15. Definitely prefer custom face ups that way I can set a certain aesthetic on my own terms and sometimes by the time the doll arrives I just want a new theme.
    16. at the beginning, when I just started collecting BJD's, I was totally into company face-ups, because I simply was too scared to do a custom face-up myself and I was too afraif to send a head away for a face-up comission. It took me over a year to finally lay hands on one of my dolls myself and I am pretty happy with the outcome, but it really stressed me out... my second face-up was an vinyl and felt a lot esier than on resin, though. I am nowhere as good enough to take comissions, but I am happy with my dolls for myself, so I think I will go with custom face-ups by msyelf. And after all the horror-stories about heads never having been returned about sending them out for a face-up comission, I may have no other choice thant to become better myself. I just can't part with dolls after having bonded with them, especially not for months...
    17. It depends on the particular doll and the company face-up. So far, the majority of my dolls have the default face-up and I don't plan on changing them. I do have one doll currently getting a custom artists's face-up. I do plan on commissioning more artists for future dolls. At some point I want to practice my own face-ups, but that'll have to wait until I get all the supplies.

      So basically, I will end up having a mix of both custom and default face-ups on my dolls.
    18. Since I am still new to BJDs, I prefer purchasing my dolls with the company faceup. I have even went out of my way of avoiding dolls I liked, because the company faceup wasn't to my liking :-/ I knew I'd be too impatient (and a bit afraid) to send my doll off for a custom faceup after waiting such a long time for my doll to arrive.

      Now that I have two dolls and have experienced the whole process, I feel more comfortable with sending off for a custom faceup! I'm pretty excited about it actually, especially since I got to meet the artist in person :) In the future, I'd like to try doing at least one faceup to see how I fair out.
    19. I prefer custom because then I can make the character my own. There are some company faceups that are lovely, though. I particularly love Supia Muriel's company faceup. I would be tempted to get that one instead of a custom, but I'd probably always go custom. As for talented enough to do my own... No. If they were simple, maybe, but I'm picky. Also, my dolls refuse to be plain janes like their mum XP.