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CustomHouse Ai Bin Craze?

Jun 18, 2005

    1. I've noticed that over time that Bin has become extremely popular from Custom House! I've had my Bin for almost two years now, and I remember there weren't that many and he wasn't all that popular. So I was wondering, why the sudden change? He isn't any different than before, but why are more and more people wanting him? XD I'm just curious! *_*
    2. Popularity for certain dolls seems to fluctuate... it's really odd. I remember being one of only a handful of Chiwoo owners outside of Korea not so long ago, and now he's incredibly popular. Similarly, Lucas used to be extremely coveted, but now I think he mostly plays second fiddle to F-16 and the Tokyo boys. ^^;

      I think it has a lot to do with more people being in the hobby in general. Before, there were fewer doll owners, and therefore fewer different tastes. Plus, there are a lot more options than there were two years ago... BJD lovers these days have hundreds of choices, but not so long ago there were only Volks, Rasendo, and Yumia/Forever Doll! Hard to believe that things were so different just a few years ago... it seems like so much has changed in such a short time...

    3. Though still not nearly as popular compared to El, from what I've seen. The El fans never fail to amaze me!
    4. Bin is cute; many of the Customhouse dolls attract me.
      Naturally, I like some of the uniques best, but that's the way that goes.

      I would adore a Bin girl, as he reminds me of a cousin.

      Maybe I should add her to my 'bajillion dollar wish list'.

      Anyway, popularity cycles in & out; when the board started up, there were several anti-"X-doll" threads, which doll I owned, and there have since been quite a few heart "X-doll" thread. Kind of funny, really.

      But it's not the doll's popularity with other people that attracted you to your doll, is it? You like your doll for your reasons. That's the really important thing.

      Ann in CT
    5. I love Bin! I think he's one of the dolls I'd never Part with. ^^

    6. I think El is easily one of the top three most popular BJDs of the moment. O_O; Which is amazing for an unlimited! I'd love to know how many there are out there...

      It's true, though. Chiwoo can't compete with that. I think anyone would be hard-pressed to compete with that. :lol:

    7. Sweet sweet Bin! <3

      The recent custom Bin on Yahoo!Japan was gorgeous - it wouldn't surprise me if more people started getting Bins to customize like that. I adored the original limited release Bin from two years ago, and I still think he's a really sweet looking boy. Nice to see CustomHouse gaining a bit more popularity!
    8. Well I fell for him almost as soon as I saw him, but Ive only been into dolls since February ^^; So like Kalmia said, its probably cuz of all the new people!

      Valentine, do you have a link? (C'mon, you always do! XD)
    9. (Ecchan are you reading this?? Don't cry! You'll get Daisuke!!)

      Probably because people weren't that attracted by his photos on the site. So it took a little while for enough owner pics and custom jobs to come out to show people other sides of how he looks. That goes for any doll. But I didn't even notice a sudden popularity of Bin... The Bin invasion is sneaking up on me!! Ah! *_*
    10. *o* Holeee..... aw dammit now I want one more then ever >_< I didnt know he could look that CUTE! He looks a lot younger then the pics on the site! That little smile... *melts* >< We need a Bin army here people!
    11. Oh no! The new popularity of Bin will not make me love my Tetsuya even less! He was my first doll and will always have a special place in my heart, you can see my Tetsuya below ^_^


      But now with his new face up! (I kinda miss his old one ;_; )


      That doesn't give him justice! He looks sooo great in person ;; omg lol

      <3 Bin
    12. The old faceup was nice, but this one blows it away! Pookie does some fabulous work. :) Gorgeous!
    13. Aww! I can see why. <3

      Ann in CT
      Peter Grey, my Haund, says Tetsuya is cute. nowcanisewhisclothes??alreadyplease
    14. :cry:

      I only just fell in ove with bin earlier. the CH Ai pics dont do him justice <3 I hope he restocks soon
    15. The auction is labelled Nell with a faceup by Heavybomb.

      Also, I think Bin has more of a smile.

      Could be the faceup, I guess, I'm often fooled by a different artist's style.

      Ann in CT
    16. Ahh, that Y!J Bin is sooo adorable :) There's something to love in all of the CH molds, I think.. they're all so charismatic X3 ::huggles her boys::
    17. I think the photos of the unlimited Ai on the CH site are to blame for their lack of popularity. Why can't they give them decent photos the way they do for the newer dolls and their limiteds?

      I love CH molds. I just can't wait for August to see what changes they're making. :D