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CustomHouse Ai- Sia basic

Jul 20, 2010

    1. My apologies if this has already been covered - I searched but didn't see it.

      While browsing about yoner Internet this evening, I spotted the Custom House Ai-Sai (http://www.ainai.com/en/product/view.asp?ccode=040100&seq=1622 ) who I've taken rather a liking to.

      Does anyone have her, and if so, may I see some photos, and get your experiences in ordering her? I admit I can't quite figure out CH pricing.

    2. Sia is a Basic Custom House Ai (Ai being the line name of their 60cm dolls) sculpt that has been around for at least six years. I'm not sure what's going on with Custom House but they have greatly lowered their prices in the last couple of years and they are continually having sales and special offers. On the down side, they are taking six months or longer to deliver dolls once they are paid for. There is much talk about the greatly delayed shipping in the [thread=375225]Custom House Waiting Room[/thread]. That would be the best thread to ask about experiences when ordering from Custom House.

      I thought you might find this helpful, it's a [thread=114667]review thread for the current girl body[/thread] which was released about 3.5 years ago.

      Discussion isn't really the place to ask for owner pics so feel free to start a thread for Custom House Sia in the Gallery sub-forum called Picture Requests! Sia can be hard to search for with such a short name but trying some combos of "Custom House" and/or "Sia*" that might help you turn up some things in the Gallery. Since she has been around a while I know there are pictures of her to be found.
    3. There are also a few photos of Sia in the Database. Some with really lovely custom face-ups as well.
    4. Thanks idrisfynn and Hobbysue and Cynthia for the info and the insight! I'll pop over to the Galleries and search some more, but this was a big help! :)
    5. it is like a history book