CustomHouse Ai St. Mina Ver. 2 - tell me about her!

Nov 4, 2004

    1. I can find no photo reference of her body. Anyone? Is she nicely posable? She seems to have a very intense personality. I wonder if that changes with eye and wig changes. Any info/pictures would be appreciated. It would appear she is still this mostly because of price? Or is it something about her?

      Thanks! :daisy
    2. Steph -

      I put some actual head shot pics of the St. Mina 2 I received in the Gallery a few days ago. You might want to look them over before you get too excited! :o

      I have requested pics from someone who posted since then about receiving her - and that they are pleased with her. I anxiously await those pics - for comparison.

      Her body appears to be the same as my CH Ai Choa - but Mina's head is notably smaller.
    3. Jan, that really helps me! It's so good to see the actual doll, rather than a promotional shot! Thank you so much! :D

    4. Hi!
      I wanted to show off my CustomHouse AI St Mina 2ver (sad face). I was wondering if anyone else has one? I actually bought the happy version with the CH face-up, then sold the happy face and did the sad face with my own face-up. I thought I'd be able to save money that way... but if I could do it over I think I'd do it the other way around! I haven't seen a good pic of the factory StMina2 face-up. These pics aren't that good, and I've prettied her up more since the last photo session... but here she is!
    5. I have a Mina and I love her.... as they sent a "extra" (same) head - I will paint that before I decide whether to re-paint the one she came with. But I can take some pictures over the weekend of some close ups of her default face-up. It is nice enough.. but I want it different :)
    6. I just love St. Mina. I have version #1. Thought I would share of pic.



      I love her because I think she was the underdog and had so much potential :grin:
    7. Ohh wow Christy.. shes lovely..... I am waiting to do a new face up on mine.... and make her some wigs..she NEEDS some wigs!!!
    8. can't wait to see more of her when you're finished, and yes, yes, wigs please. lots of them
    9. I have a St Mina "sad face" which according to CH and Domuya, IS Vers. 1 !!! ...not 2.

      Since she is a limited ed doll, I am leaving her stock.
      I wonder why CH includes an extra head, bu in the same vers.? It would be nice to get either vers. 1 or 2 with the factory faceup, but with the extra head in the OTHER vers...

      What I like about Mina is her very realistic face, but though she is about the same hight as my Volks SDs, she seems MUCH smaller ! Her head is smaller and the body sculpt is thinner. You can really tell the difference when the dolls are side by side.

      I wonder why all the 60 cm Korean dolls are smaller than the org. SDs?
      As you can prob. tell, I am a fan of BIG dolls. I guess this is because the first BJ dolls I ever saw, were at a doll exhibition in Tokyo which featured near, to life-size BJ dolls by Koitsukihime, Hiina Kayuli, and others. ....if I only had an extra $30,000 or so to play around with, I would buy one of these...but in reality, a picture in a photobook is about as close as I will prob. get...
    10. Does the Saint Mina version 2 you buy from Custom House come with BOTH the cheerful head- and the "sad" head like from version one? Cause it shows the optional head as the sad one. Thank you!
    11. No, I have "sad" Mina vers 1 (some people are calling this ver. 2 but both CH AND doyuma list the sad doll as vers.1..) anyway, no, my "sad" Mina comes with a "sad" head.
      It probably would make more sense to inc. both head vers. but then...maybe they want you to buy both dolls instead of just swapping heads.
      BTW I LOVE my Mina. The faceup is so nice that she doesn't even need eylashes (which do not come with the doll)
      The only disappointment is that since Mina was my first non-Volks SD, and I was suprised that though she was as tall as my Volks SDs, she appears much smaller do to the smaller head and thinner body sculpt. However she seems to be just as well made.
    12. Oops. I didn't know I wasn't logged in when I posted that! Oops.
      I guess my question wasn't clear.. one the Customhouse site, the Mina listed as version two with the "cheerful" face says it comes with an optional head. I was wondering if that OPTIONAL head was the "sad" one. I hope that is more clear..?
    13. Saint Mina 2's option head is shown on the page, just below cheerful mina's pic.
      I'm not so sure if this is what you meant by 'sad' face but the one without a face up is the option head...^^

      -Sei :daisy
    14. Hehe, so thaat IS the head I meant, I meant the sad one. Oh it's so confusing! But it'd be weird if they included two of the same head! Thank you much :)
    15. Hi, I just got my new Mina 2 in the mail today and she came with an additional "sad" head as well as an extra pair of hands. Cool...~~linakauno
    16. Oh rapture! I think I may buy her then. If Soah doesn't steal my heart.. :(
    17. This may be redundant, but MY St. Mina vers. 1 IS the doll with the sad face.
      The extra head without the faceup that comes with the doll is ALSO a sad face.

      I am not sure if Mina vers. 2 with the "happy" face comes with a sad extra head or another happy head. I suggest if you still have concerns, to contact Domu-net they are very helpful, understand English, and can address your Q's about Mina.