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CustomHouse BOGOF

Aug 26, 2009

    1. I couldn't see anything about this anywhere else, but apologies if I missed it!


      CH are doing a buy-one-get-one-free event, if I've read that right, AND the prices are dropped. The event runs from August 28th (this Friday) to September 30th, and is on Ai boy and girl, Little Jnr, and Petite Ai.

      I was going to ask if they do layaway for sales and events, does anyone know?
    2. Have you read it right, because if you have, that's incredible!
      It does seem to say buy one get one free on Petite dolls.....
      is it just them?
    3. I think it's Ai, Little Junior, and Petite. It looks like the other lines -- Junior, Ange, Bisou -- are not included in this sale.
    4. Yes, I belive it's all four types. I think the mention of Petite Ai at the bottom is an example, to say "If you buy one Petite Ai, you can buy another of your choice". Also, they say right underneath the list of sale prices "You'll get the opportunity to have same type of its kind...upon your purchase".
    5. What are the sizes on these dolls, are they really tiny 15cm or are they the 26cm? Anyone know?
    6. avrilpaeony > all the dolls sizes are in the FAQ of the site.
      I think this new event is quite frightening. I hope they are doing well.
    7. Me too, since I have 3 on order from the summer event + other things. Have the people before the summer event all gotten their dolls? I love this company too. But I haven't gotten my dolls yet and I'm hoping they are as good as they used to be before all the problems started. But this is a really good deal.
    8. Has Customhouse fixed their shipping issues enough to even have this event?
    9. I don't think they do layaway.

      I just got a notice about this today. It does seem like an amazing deal. I have three CH dolls and I really love them especially the Ange Ai which are not included in this sale, but like others have said, I hope the company is doing OK. I think they have been doing special sales nearly one right after the other since August of last year. (That is when I got my first one.)
    10. Am I reading it right: that if you buy a face-up for the first one, you'll get a free face-up on the free doll, as well?
    11. Zallia, that's how I interpreted it. Basically, you seem to be getting an *entire* doll for free, which is just... astounding.
    12. So if we want to order only one doll, can we post a split for a side by side\group order with someone for the 'get one free'?
    13. You may not split free items in the MP unless each doll is half the cost. Thanks!
    14. That's what I meant. Meaning, if one person was to buy a doll at $240, one person pays $120, and the other pays $120.