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CustomHouse DollMaster Event Ais

Jan 10, 2005

    1. :o That Sia has the looongest wig I have EVER seen. *marvels* And WAH- Miya's dress! I want. I'm totally in love with her and Choa 2.
      ...but is it just me or are Jin and Sin's outfits a little...? XD ...pimplike?
    2. XD fuhu!!! The event Sin looks like a pimp!!!!!
    3. :o ....

      Dayum. No way I could get that Eun right now so I hope they re-release him.... I love those lips :o
    4. I just adore that Sia and CeBee~ my two fav female facemolds from CH~

      For the boys, event Sin and Jin look like they are party animals :D
    5. Eun!! :crushed :crushed :crushed

      There's no way I could come up with the money for him now, but I loooove him! I hope they release him again. (Preferably when I have money :P )

      Eun!! :drool :| :( :cry: :crushed
    6. m-mew?
      ... does anyone know where I can get the Dollmaster movie, with subtitles/dubs?
    7. Pretty. I like them except for some of the clothes. I like Jun and Jin(reminds me of somebody) and Eun. I really like Jun's green make-up (but for the diamond) but it seems to say they don't do make-up anyway. Oh well. I want smaller doll. Smaller doll! Non-character doll!
    8. ooh that makeups there alrigth, theres just no sanding done as far as i know.
    9. AAAHHH. Those are so awesome!!
    10. I don't know if any of you saw my past post...but Unique Demian is THE hottest boy doll I have EVER seen. EVER. Beautiful.

      Does anyone know what other headmold (aka easier to get and not 2,000) looks like him? Hes...AMAZING.

      :love :love :love
    11. *lol* Yes I did see your last post- I commented on it too because if I had the money I would've adopted him in an instant. Demian just has such a sad loveable face that seems to ask you to hug him ;_;

      Oh the terrors of the Real World! :cry:

      Anyway, just use the St. Demian headmold ^^ He's far cheaper than the Unique or Event Demian. With the Unique Demain they seem to have opened his eyes ever so slightly, while with the Event Demian they closed it a little more

      Either way I love Demain ;_;

    12. Ah Annie....are you going to get one at some point?

      Haha, I have NO money to get a boy doll...I'm having trouble enough getting my new girl some clothes. But when I get richer and wiser...oh yes...he will be mine in SOME incantation...
    13. Eh gads! o.O Don't tempt me! ;_; I'd love to adopt a Demian- I've even got a personality planned and everything @_@ But unfortunately I'm saving to spend Christmas/New Year in Japan

      I doubt there'll be any Demian's left for adoption next year @_@

      *lol* And yes- Kuja the primadonna demands clothes and I just wish I had the money to shut him up! XD

      Don't worry- we shall mourn together :cry:

    14. AHHH...no!!! Don't give in! I refuse to admit it!!!

    15. AHHH...no!!! Don't give in! I refuse to admit it!!!