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Customhouse Event Petite: Romantic secret - Sariel

Feb 3, 2006

    1. Coming soon: Romantic secret - Sariel

      It looks like it might be a Valentine's special event petite ai.

      And is it just the photography or does she look like a suntan/light?

      Edit: New info has turned up on Customhouse's website.

      It's May with fabulous weather for picnics! In Korea, we yhave a happy Children's Day on early May, and to celebrate this, we will be introducing brand new type of Petite

      New Petite's name is 'Sariel' and will be released on 5th of May.

      Sariel is a new limited petite from Custom House, so if this cutie is what you wanted, we recommend to be hurry!!

      Our lovely artist Kana and Rolling Pumpkin will be introducing different limited versions with Sariel so please wait unntil this new face cutie become unveiled... ^^

      On 5th May around 18:00 in Korean time, Limited Sariel will be updated.