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Customhouse: Jin and Jun? Same sculpt?

May 19, 2007

    1. Hello to all you people who know more about Customhouse than I do^^

      I have a question concerning AI boys Jin/Gene and Jun.
      I read that they were intended to be twins in the CH storyline, and I can see they are much alike.
      But, are they really the same identical mold????

      I cannot find any substantial info on this (of course it doesn't help that you cannot search for the words "jin" and "jun" on DoA :sweat ...).
      I have an old basic AI Gene here, but never saw a Jun in person.

      This is very important for my future dollie plans;) so if you know anything about it...

      thanks for helping me out!:aheartbea
    2. As far as I know, Jin (formerly "Gene") and Jun are not identical. They are designed to be twins (Jun is the older brother, and Jin the younger), but they're not the same head mold.

      Long, long ago, I made the following observation about the differences (on a different forum, hence no link). I'm assuming they still hold true, and that CustomHouse hasn't changed the sculpts significantly since I posted these a couple years ago. (For reference, I once owned a very lovely Jun by Heavybomb.)

      I think part of the reason why the molds "seem to differ from doll to doll" is that some Unique Ai were slightly modded, which made it difficult to tell at times. Even my Jun, though clearly labeled as a "JUN" by the carving inside his head, had been listed on the CustomHouse website as being "Gene". So it seems like everyone is a bit confused by their similarities. =^^=
    3. This is extremely helpful, Valentine! thanks a million <3

      So CH intended them to be alike, but not identical - and yet the differences are so slight they can easily be confused, even for the experts? Looks like it took you a while to figure out those differences too!^^

      I was thinking about Jun twins (via their CH special line service), you know - but I do not want them to make a triplet with my existing Gene here. I am thinking that they might be too similar, after what you explained...?^^
    4. Mandagore,
      Perhaps have you considered Ivan? He is supposed to be a cousin of Jun/Jin...

      However, I have not seen many owner pics of these three molds...

      I am ordering Ivan and Jun(hopefully) through the specialline...
    5. time-ashes, thanks for the tip!^^ I always seem to fall for similar molds - my Gene was my second BJD ever!^^

      You're right, there should be more of them around! I hope you will share your boys with us - what an excellent choice!^^

      I'm just learning to see the differences between Jun and Jin now - looks like Jun's mold evolved a bit over time, but if you know where to look, it's quite obvious!^^
    6. I have a Jun and now that I own him, I can tell the difference immediatly - but when I first looked at them a few years ago I couldn't. Jin/Gene is much more innocent looking and Jun more brooding and serious. The eye shape is the main difference that I notice.

      Here is my Jun:aheartbea :



    7. caddyvamp, Marcus is to die for. I've already worshipped at his shrine in the CH boys database before, hehe...<3

      Yep, the eyes mostly, his lower lid is, er, higher, so his eyes are more narrow, I see it!^^
    8. Wow....

      *In massive LOVE* ...

      CH is killing me!
    9. Twin Jun's? That would be all sorts of awesomeness! Those are my 2 favorite molds from CH...... :P
    10. Here's a head-to-head comparison, so to speak. ;) Pen (on the left) is an unlimited Gene/Jin with a custom faceup by Evenstar, and Flynn is a tan Ainomori Jun 2nd with default faceup by HeavyBomb. They're both older CH guys; Flynn's paperwork is dated February 20, 2004, and Pen was cast in early August 2004.

      The Gene/Jin head has larger eye openings than Jun: Pen takes 18mm eyes, Flynn takes 16mm. The sculpting of their mouths is definitely different, and I see subtle differences in their noses and chins, too.

      #10 Cynthia in FlintHills, May 20, 2007
      Last edited: Jul 27, 2017
    11. Thanks a lot, Cynthia, that's just perfect to illustrate the differences. I'm getting better at finding them!^^
      And those are just beautiful guys, I've been following them around DoA for some time...<3

      BTW, I've always loved this exotic Customhouse suntan color on Jun, it has such a pretty warm/ slightly orange tint... if the newer pictures are anything to go by they've changed their tan now to a much harsher color. What a pity!^^
    12. Wow thanks Cynthia in FlintHills This is perfect! Somehow I still like Jun better...why why why?

      Anyone will Ivan? *pleads*
    13. Ivan is beyond rare--I think there were only a tiny handful ever made,and as far as I know, those were all uniques. The three I know of, for sure: Priest Evan, who lives with dollseye now; a tan unique that I'm still kicking myself for not buying when I had the chance; and Rothbart from the Swan Lake group. It would be fabulous to see one of them in this thread!

      Such a shame that CH took down its wonderful archival photos from the website.

      And, mandagore, my guys are thrilled to know that they have a fan! I love the old CH tan, too--like so many of the early CH ideas, who would have believed it without seeing it? ;)
    14. Hi Miss Cynthia......
      I have both Jin and Jun, too. And I love both, but they are very different. The other thing I find interesting, the Unique dolls are strikingly different from the unlimited. I'm not totally convinced that it's in the faceup, either. You do know that one Jun head was totally different from all the rest.....the Something Romantic Jun. He was a one.
    15. Oooo, yes, open-mouthed Something Romantic! He was a one in so many senses of the word. And I'm with you; I've always thought that no two unique CH heads (at least in the first few years) were ever exactly the same, even under the faceup--much less the same as the unlimiteds. The original CH crew must have had so much fun with their work; that really shows in the dolls.

      Waving back at you!! I bet I owe you an e-mail from a long, long time ago . . . my laptop crashed, and took all my addresses with it. :(
    16. Yes, I agree with Cynthia...
      I still remember, distantly, a few older CH uniques...like the Egyptian dolls and the Sungoddess dolls....only at that time I had no money to buy!

      CH is still very nice now, but sometimes the lolita frills are a bit too much. I still love the heavybomb+Anu combo the best!
    17. That was quite a pair, but never again..... *sigh*

      It would be nice to see if we can find the older dolls.....^^
    18. I think I have my heart set...
      Tan Choa, Jun in normal or tan and Ivan in snow...^^

      Btw, Cynthia, do you think your CH dolls yellow fast? How are they holding up? ^^;;

      Sorry to bother you all!

      And oriscany, please post more of your boys too!
    19. let me go find :D :D

      but then again the same can be said that the mould has under gone change for Jun... well that at least what i feel :D :D


      hmmm the one sitting is Zestroy's Jun ~ Cian, and the one kneeling is my own jun JJW [initial are easier to type LOL]

      Zes's Jun has yellowed as it was a Heavy bomb's Black magician Jun[the faceup is similar to the default with some changes :D, older version], where else mine was a Sarasoo Jun [default faceup, new version]

      and if i could i would try and help u take closer comparison shots :D :D [no promises there thou]
    20. oooooooh kagari, thanks for the pictures!!!
      You have one of my two, well three, favorite Jun!! *jealous*

      Please take more pictures! *begs*