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CustomHouse Little Junior Eye size? Wig Size?

Dec 25, 2006

    1. Does anyone know what size eyes the Custom House Little Juniors wear? Or what size wig, for that matter?

      I'm getting one (hopefully he'll arrive from CH next week :D) and I need a wig and eyes for him, as I have a feeling he'll come with dark hair and eyes other than blue. XD
    2. 14mm eyes, but they can take 16mm too, if I'm right.
      Their wig size is a litlle weird, so you better order one directly from their size to make sure they fit right.
    3. I believe that thier head size is the same as a Petite. Cherryghost has one, you could ask her. Mine (the Starlight Eva who is my Xmas present ) is waiting to ship. If thier heads are the same as Petite's the eyes could go from 14 on down to 12.
    4. Petite AIs and Little Jrs., too, take the 6/7 sized wig.

      Also in this category: DoD 43(+/-)cm,
      Volks SDC (the girls, at least),
      Volks Yo-SD,
      CP Cutie Delfs, and
      many others.

      Look around this subforum for threads on the order of 'what wigs do Dream of Dolls take?', or Unoa, SDC, etc. for more information, and quite possibly links.

      Good luck in your hunt for the perfect wig!

      Ann in CT
    5. Little jrs come with 14mm eyes, at least my Mars did. About wigs and eyes, my Mars in this photo is wearing 14mm eyes and a 6-7" wig from cancan. And in this photo 16mm ED eyes. I also have leeke-sized leeke wigs for him and they fit great as well.

      For some reason CH themselves seem to have a problem with wigs for their little jrs. My Mars came with a wig that was too big -- it was MSD size and fit my kid delf perfectly. And the petit/little jr wigs that I bought from them where too small and are extremely difficult to put on and pop off all the time *grumble*

      Also, If you are looking for photos of little jrs in different wigs and eyes, this owner has a little jr army and attends many little jr meets so his/her gallery is very helpful (Scroll down to Lecien, Noir, Jute, Glass, etc)
    6. Well, the issue with CH, I think, is that they don't make their own base meshing that they use to construct the wig so sometimes, depending on where they get it, the meshing will be strung too tight and there will be a fitting issue. For future reference though, you can spritz the underside of a tight wig with a little water and stretch it until the desired fit is reached-- since only small modifications are needed to fix the mesh.
    7. Thanks for that tip mayerling! I'll have to try that because I do like the wigs themselves.

      I forgot to add that little jr Zephyros does not take 16mm eyes. I tried 16mm ED eyes and they didn't fit into his eyewells.
    8. Ooh! Someone else has a Hades! I'm actually getting a Hades.

      With the Mars, I think I like the 16mm better, because he's supposed to be about five years old. Do the Hades and the Mars have eye holes about the same size?
    9. Well I always use 14mm so I haven't had any trouble with using their eyes interchangably but there is a bit more leeway in the Mars headmold for larger eyes. In Hades, there's less room but I'm sure you could fit 16mm with enough sticky-tacky stuff.

      Zephyros has a particular eyewell design that makes it difficult to fit larger eyes. I don't see that same dip design in Hades so I think he can hold various sizes.
    10. My Dione fits 14mm eyes, but she does have 16mm as well, and I don't see much of a difference between them.
      She mostly fits a 6/7 wig. Her default wig from Customhouse is a little hard to keep on, though, as it's a bit snug. I usually fit Unoa wigs on her, but she also has MSD sized wigs and they fit fine as well.:)
    11. Has anybody tried Leekeworld's DollLeeke sized wigs on their little jrs? They fit fine on my Lati Green, which supposedly have the same wig size as the petites and the little juniors. So I was just curious. :sweat
    12. I have a Cutie Delf size wig from Luts on my Little Jr. and it fits wonderfully. Unfortunately, I think Luts is discontinuing most of their Cutie Delf stuff...so I don't know if saying that will be much help :sweat But there's still a few wigs on the site, and you can always look on the second-hand market.
    13. My Zephyros wears 16mm eyes, if I'm not mistaken. x: