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CustomHouse Premium Patron Membership Applications end FEB 29

Feb 23, 2008

    1. New post on CH's site says they will stop accepting new applications for Premium Patron memberships after February 29.

      This will NOT effect current members; they will still be able to renew each year.

      CH's news post
    2. I have asked if Premium Membership will ever be offered again, or if this is a last chance offer. Will update once I get an answer.
    3. Did anyone else get an answer about PPC / doll parts being available at a later date? Two days left..

      Edit: I asked if parts will be available to everyone for purchase, or not available at all and they answered that they don't have a definite plan for parts.
    4. I asked whether the program would continue to operate for current members, and whether membership would be available in the future:
      So once this period closes that's it.