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Customhouse Prices to Increase

Dec 4, 2004

    1. Guess we should have expected this. First DOD, then CP, now CH.
      Anyhow here is the message:

      Hello everyone,
      Thank you so much for your love and interest on our AI dolls.

      We are very sorry to let you know that there will be a price changes due to the rapid changes of exchange rate of USD.
      The changes will be held on next Saturday with our new AI girl, limited Soye's debut.
      The prices will be changed $30.00 up on all AI dolls, which also includes petit babies.

      However the all AI doll stocks we have on the site at the moment will be sold as we did by next Friday. Apart from all AI dolls, the other items prices would not be affected by this change..^^

      And also there are a slight change on under $500.00 orders.
      In English site, the shipping fee will be going up to $23.00.

      We once again thank you for your love and support that's given to AI dolls, and look forward to see you soon again...:)


      Guess if you were planning on buying a CH doll, now is the time!
    2. :cry:
      Man, at this rate, it might just be cheaper to get an order off from the Korean versions of these sites!
      *sigh* Stupid USD. Why couldn't they do all of this in a more stable currency, like the Canadian dollar, or Euros, or something?
    3. But Ch dolls are already more expensive than CP etc... I think its weird how CP limiteds are cheaper than Volks regular releases as well, and CP's sculpting is generally more refined....

      - T.
    4. Ummmm....the dollar is weak against the other world currencies...no big shock the price of Asain dolls is going up.
    5. yes, it's no shock.. buuuuuttt

      i know some people will disagree.

      But when most companies make an english site, they do the same as making a japanese, they take their won price and sutract a zero for yen, and subract 3 zeros for USD.

      Customhouse petit ai
      320,000 won > 32,000 yen >$320

      Which just makes things simple. eLuts, on the other hand, doesn't do that. They do a currency conversion and list a close price. like.. El 500,000 won > $470 USD (with the old conversion) but since the dollar is changing, they had to increase their price to keep more than an even trade.

      I love customhouse to death, but...

      320,000 won = $307 with the current exchange rate. So the $320 would still feasibly be alright..

      obviously im not factoring in if they had bank fees and such because I don't know about it.. but a $30 increase on something that's already above the exchange rate doesn't make too much sense?

      Volks, however, charges you in YEN, so you get the EXACT exchange rate. So there is no price increase from them.

      Just my imput, i could be wrong!