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Customhouse sneak peeks of 3rd anniversary

Jun 6, 2005

    1. :o

      Who are you looking at? XD
    2. Wow, that Cyn is to die for.
    3. ....Cyn. WOW. Just Wow.
    4. Love Cyn, too, plus the Punk Punk boys, especially Mars. What size do the Little Jrs run, btw? Once I get my Present Jade 2, he's going to need a playmate of the same size.
    5. .... it's a secret until I get him ;__; because if I say it and don't get him I'll be really pissed. >O

      They're 38cm. ^^
    6. OMG, that Cyn. I want him!! He is gorgeous beyond belief. And the new Little Jr- Dione, new face mold I'm presuming? So pretty! CustomHouse never ceases to amaze me.
    7. Awww, look at the wee punk Uranus! I want him, he's so cuuuute! :chibi
    8. I love Little Jr. Dione, especially the Rollingpumkin version.
      Here's to hoping they release a standard version of her (however unlikely that may be.)
    9. No way, they've got to x_X why would they release a boy unlimited and not a girl? Yenno? :O
    10. Cyn *_______________* gorgeous! AND SIAA *___*
    11. Mars! :D Oooh, I can't wait to see what they've done with Han too....
    12. ... because they hate us. :daisy

      (Same reason VOLKS keeps taunting us with Dollpa-only Yo-SD/SDC.)
    13. Blargh. Customhouse needs to stop going out with awesome Little Jrs after I've given up on getting my twins. ;o;

      And that Cyn is amazing, and that Rock ain't bad either. *______*
    14. I love Cyn!! He's gorgeous~~ <3
    15. I really like Rock XD
    16. That Cyn is amazing... I can't wait to see Han either. ^^;
    17. Oh my gosh *___________*


      I hope this means the un-out of stock-ing of the regular AI.
      *rubs hands together* come on bin! <3
      But, oh my god.. I like the Cyn rock and han boys ;_;
    18. I still don't like Chamomile. *Pouts and is determined to angst about it for as long as possible*
    19. Gah, I love the "Punk Punk" style for the Little Juniors! So cool. =*^__^*=

      Cyn's adorable, too, but where is Han?