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CustomHouse strikes AGAIN!!

Jul 17, 2009

    1. Customhouse is having a half off summer sale from july 20th to august 20.....I don't know about anyone else, but I am unsurprised and unimpressed.
    2. It says they are giving away their new doll as a gift? Can anyone confirm this or have I totally mistranslated?
    3. If I understood correctly, it will be 50% off their dolls and a bebe type doll as a gift?
      I think the event ends August 10th, though...


    4. Oops, sorry about that, their first email said that the event would run until the 20.
      Yes I do believe they're giving away a free Koo with purchases of other dolls.
    5. If you look at the description of Koo, it says there are gift items that come with her for the first 100 purchasers of the doll. I think that's what they mean, not that they're giving away the doll itself.
    6. CH said on the notice board that the event for Koo was over so the accessories that come with her as gifts should be over as well. It sounded to me that they were indeed giving away the doll to people who order during this sale event. If in doubt, if you email Brian at the info address, he will reply.

      As someone who just received their doll from CH after 6mo & 2 weeks of waiting, I am probably going to order again during this sale. My doll arrived perfectly and they even threw in two free SD wigs as a gift. There was a problem with communication during the middle of our wait time, but it has since gotten a lot better.