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Customhouse Unique Ai Demian

Mar 17, 2005

    1. Hello everyone, I'm new here! :3

      I've been surfing around the net and admiring bjds from all over the world for 3 years already. o_O Well, but I still can't get any dolls yet. Many reasons to that (like how my mom was against the idea of spending over a thousand dollars for a pretty doll i_i)..

      Anyway, I found Unique Demian from Custom House's site some weeks back (didn't know when he was released) and I loved him very much. He'll definetely be my first choice when I can buy dolls.

      However, I was wondering why he was the only boy there not being 'sold out'? Either he's unpopular or CH missed him out when they updated on the sold out dolls?

      Also, I was trying to search for owners of Unique Demian dolls but to no avail.

      Anyone here owns a Unique Demian and can share some photos of him please? Or perhaps share some links to site owners who own him?
    2. Hi there,

      Welcome to DOA...:D

      Based on my limited knowledge on CH, Unique Demain is one of the kind, meaning there is only one piece of him in the whole world.

      Seen your website. It's uber cool XD XD XD

      Best of luck,

    3. D:> Oh nooooo... *cries and frets* only one?? T_______T and he's still in stock and I've been staring at him for so long and... *sinks*


      I guess I can only hope to buy someone as pretty as him when I can.. argh, this is so sad... I suppose I shall just stick to drawing dolls I can't get for now.. i_i

      Thank you so much for telling me! :3 I didn't know that the Unique Ais have only one of each..

      oh, and thank you for visiting my site! ^-^ <3
    4. There's only one of Unique Demian (meaning in that handmade suit and that particular face up) but St Demian himself, the actual mold, is still found in 'Event Ai'. (im pretty sure he's not out of stock yet) so if you are in love with the actual type of doll and not just unique Demian, there's still a chance for you to get him if someone else gets the Unique one ^^

      And yay! Another Demian fan ^^ Im in love with him too X3

      Best of luck ^^

      -Annie love love
    5. Waii~ Your Kuja is so gorgeous!!! *o* He's got such a lovely faceup! X3

      Thank you lots for the info on Demian! :3 Saa.. The Saint Demian under Event Ai just doesn't look as sweet (might be the way his mouth is poised). o_O;; And Unique Demian has such pretty eyeholes. However, the Event-Demian is rather pretty too. X3 the half-opened-eyed version...

      >:[ shall hope that CH continues to manufacture beautiful Demian dolls for another 6 years so I can buy them! :D
    6. Unfortunately, Demian just isn't that popular, I think. That Unique version is quite handsome, but for some reason he seems to be glossed over. I wonder if being surrounded by "sold outs" on all sides means he gets overlooked as being still available?

      Anyway, here's hoping that he'll stay in stock long enough for you to get him~
    7. XDthanks~ I hope Demian stays available for 5 more years!! (which is like, after I pay all of my uni fees and have extra money for him).

      But I'll stay optimistic that CustomHouse will make more pretty Unique Demians every year. :D that would be the best.. They have been around since 2003 ne? And for their 2 years they manufactured 2 Unique Demians.. so I'll keep my fingers crossed. :3 and this helps for test my attraction to him over the years too. ^-^
    8. Demian is a fairly new doll, because he was created for the Doll Master movie. And I'm sure, as I've mentioned elsewhere, that there were more Unique Demians created that never appeared on the English site. Most likely they'll continue to pop up once in a while. But you never know, he may be "the one" for you and remain there until you can get him. =*^^*=
    9. Oooh, a Demian fan! I've always liked his sad little face. So hug-inducing. XD Good luck getting that Unique Demian sometime in the future- and if not him, then a regular Demian! ....he always reminded me of Lupin from Harry Potter in that wig and shirt, quite honestly.
    10. Wow, I'm glad it's not just me :D

      Demian and Mina are beautiful, almost startling in their realism.. Good luck with getting your boy, Yoake ^^
    11. I'm glad there's another Demian lover out there...hes the hottest...ever. :drool
    12. *^ * i__i thank you so much for tellng me this~ XD I tried to enter the Korean site of CH but I couldn't.. o_o has something to do with "You are entering a Korean site. Close this window and re-connect"?

      :D I hope Demian remains there, if not more prettier versions get produced. X3 he's got my greatest attention there... >_<
    13. Hoe?! Lupin? O__O he does? *stares at him more* XD well, under even closer inspection he does feel like a Lupin. XD;;

      hee, thanks for the luck there~ X3 I hope someone hits a huge lottery prize and donates some of the prize money to me so i can buy him. XD daydreams.. >_<
    14. I am the proud mommy of the Event St.Demian. I've had him for a couple of weeks, and I have to say that he is beautiful beyond words. The pictures on the website do him no justice at all.

      Honestly, I like the Event Demian better than the Unique, but I'm a little biased, I suppose. ^_~

      I'm still surprised that poor Demian doesn't get any more love! He is so gorgeous!

      ...and I am SO dressing my Demian up as Lupin now! XD
    15. AHHH!! XD You own an Event St. Demian?? gaah, been hoping to see real photos of him other than those showing on the site.. :3 ah, and you say he looks much better than those photos on the site?

      XD will now visit your LJ and hope you post piccies of him on your blog. *--* if not, will you mind if i ask you to share some piccies of him? I'd love to see how he really looks~~ 8--8 please?
    16. Your site is wonderful - you're very talented!
    17. It's actually kind of a funny story, how I came to own mine.
      I've been in love with him since I first saw him; he was actually one of the first BJDs that I had ever seen that I liked! But, silly me thought he was out of stock, since most of the others around him were, so I never thought I could really get one. I didn't know otherwise until my roommate ordered him! o_O
      It turns out that they didn't bond well, while I instantly fell even more in love with him than I already was, so she let me keep him as payment for some money I had loaned her a while back. Worked out for both of us, in the end, and Tetsuya (as he has recently been named) seems quite happy.
      I guess the moral of the story is not to give up hoping for your dream doll! ^_^

      And I am actually going to go post pics in my LJ now. Unfortunately, I don't have a camera myself, and have to leech from my friends. T_T I will post as many as I can though! I really couldn't believe just how gorgeous he is in person. *_* Hopefully the pics I have will be somewhat decent! ^^
    18. D'oh.
      That "Guest" would be me. >_> I forgot to sign in.

    19. hey:) another singapore bjd lover. hehe. welcome:)

      Domuya used to have a St.Demian, I'm not sure if he's been sold or not, maybe you could pop by and peek at him in person? I agree tht he looks MUCH better than the customhouse website. They definitely still have Mina there too:)

    20. XD/// thankies for visiting my site and finding my art likable. ^-^;; haven't been updating for a while though.

      XD i hope to get into drawing bjds soon!