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CustomHouse Updated~

Mar 31, 2005

    1. Whee! Lots of beautiful new dolls at CustomHouse this morning (for a late Easter update).

      New Uniques, limited Little Juniors (I die for Jupiter~), some clothing, wigs, and shoes for the smaller dolls...

      Go check it out. =^^=

    2. OMG, Valentine....I checked CH around 6:00 am eastern time, nothing. Then again around 7:00, and saw nothing.

      Did you get a Jupiter Ltd? He's so cute, and sold out!! >.<;;

      These little guys are darling, and I think Jupiter looks like a tiny Cyn.^^
    3. No...I desperately wanted to, though. I'm sure he'll be on Yahoo!Japan within a day or two for closer to a thousand dollars...

      I really wanted that Prayer Jin, but he was gone by the time I got there, and I was on the site while they were still updating. =;_;=
    4. *stares*

      I am in love with the Little Junior twins. *points* It's Akiva and Vijaav! :o
    5. What are the sizes of the Little Jr? Are they MSD sized or what?
    6. Unrelated:

      I LOVE the name Akiva(h)! I used to know a girl named that, and OH, I wanted her name so bad! For the longest time online I went by Akivah Lian. I wanted it to be my real name. *geek*
    7. I think they're an inch or two shorter than standard MSDs, just like the Jr is an inch or so taller.
    8. 38cm, so I've read. MSDs are usually 41-43cm tall.
    9. Thank you guys so much! I really appreciate the info. Yay!
    10. super cute! I love the juniors' outfits. It's nice to see CP going back to more interesting outfits... I was a little worried for a while.

      (though the petite ai keep getting great outfits...!) I guess it was just one or two events (sets of dolls) that didnt seem as high as normal. anyway, I'm glad to see them back. I really love looking at what they come up with.
    11. I looooove the Little Jr's! I want a Jupiter! :grin: I can't afford another doll until after the summer at least, though. :|
    12. Im in love with that Count Jun @_@ Those smoky eyes and sexy pout are just- *_*


      And I wanna steal Mars! XDDDD

      -Annie love love
    13. Count Jun is my favorite too! I hope someone on DoA got him so they will post lots and lots of photos! what an awesome doll! O_o!
    14. Count Jun is GORGEOUS!
      Anyone familliar with Gankutsuou? I can so see him as the Count...
    15. most of them are out of stock now, that was fast :lol: