New Doll Cute little baby JOE - preorder!

Apr 1, 2016

    1. Hi! I am a doll artisan from Russia, my name is MIRonova OKsana (MIROXDOLLS) and I want to introduce my new mold Joe and announce a preorder!

      I made Joe with all my love and hope you will love her too! This little lady is very cute and playable.

      The preorder time is from April 04 to May 01 at Resin bjd doll mold Joe, PREORDER!

      The doll is made from high quality resin, casted in Korchagin Studio (Saint-Petersburg)

      Three skin tones are available: milk, nut and light tan.
      Price for each doll is 250 USD for a blank doll (acrylic eyes are included) and 300 USD for a doll with face-up. Details of face-up are discussed with me and paid separately when we contact your personally.
      Box, cushion (random color) and certificate of authenticity are included.

      Other details:

      Shipping cost from Russia, Saint-Petersburg:
      One doll for customers worldwide is 30 USD
      Layaway option available:
      · Pay the first part (deposit) 150 USD in a preorder period
      · Pay the final 100 USD 30 days later.

      Deposits are non refundable in any case.
      Estimated production time is 90 days.

      Joe details:

      size eyes 0.3’’ (8 mm)

      height 7.8’’ (20 sm)

      head circumference 5.5’’ (14 sm)chest circumference 4.7’’
      waist circumference 5.1’’
      hip circumference 5.5’’
      shoulder width 2.4’’
      arm length without hand 2.4’’
      leg length to ankle 3’’
      nape of neck to back waist 2’’
      hand 1’’
      length of foot 1.2’’
      width of foot 0.6’’

      More photos on my FB:

      If you have any question please feel free to contact me: zog77{at}