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Cute small toys for tinies: Knights, Lions, Tigers, Royals, Pirates oh my...

Apr 23, 2007

    1. I was shopping last weekend and found these awesome new toys perfectly scaled for smaller tinies. The bigger tinies can play with them too.

      Playmobil Microline

      I picked up the fairytale and knights castle. They store nicely in the little playset and the pices are magnetic. i'll take pictures of them with my dolls to show scale.
    2. Thanks! I've been searching all over for these...saw a picture a few months ago but I could never find them for sale anywhere!
    3. Wait - they're finally in the states! Maybe they'll finally pop up on ebay. I heard about them when they were released overseas but gave up.
    4. They look cute.. Are they lego size?
    5. toydogz4: The main figures are taller than lego but the mini toys themselves are perfect size for the small tinies.

      Rosa: they are available in the states now. I picked them up at the Playmobil store
    6. They have them at the Playmobil store in the Florida Mall in Orlando. There are four sets. They're smaller than Legos, designed to be playthings for the Playmobil children.
    7. found some in the Uk :aheartbea
      they are £7.99 !
      almost double in the Uk :x ...Im so annoyed rip-off Brittan strikes again
      and they are out of stock

      but I will definatly be adding these to my shopping list ...I love the Noah`s Art and Peter wants a Pirate ship :aheartbea
      Sam a Castle ..they are fantastic
    8. Did you want me to check the playmobil store here for you. I need to do return anyway. I accidentally bought a pink princess figure my daughter already has and she wants a blue or gold unicorn instead
    9. I got these 4 sets too! I bought them through the Playmobil website. They're so adorable and tiny!! And they have little magnets in them so they stick to the playsurface and don't go flying off everywhere. Very cute sets!
    10. Yup they are perfectly made travel sets. Though you have to disassemble the castle to store
    11. OMG i love[d] playmobiles!
    12. I just got mine today!

      Here's Flora and Tilly eyeing up what I got!


    13. i know i'll be heading to check the local stores at lunch now! so cute. argggg.
    14. think they'd fit matre minis too?
    15. They were over $25 in Tokyo this summer. They always release some of their Germany-only sets to the US in March and September, so this group must have been among this March's lot.
    16. My playmobile guy had just gotten his first shipment of them in yesterday, and we actually unpacked them so I could get mine. (ah--playmobile heaven!)

      I remember when Clochette got hers last year, and I ran to ask him, and he said that it can sometimes take a year after it's released in Germany before he's allowed to order them for his store.

      The website had them for $8.99/ea, which is what I paid for mine. I think I'm going to have to go back for the Princess one.. I mean, I need some innocent victims for my Pirates to plunder-- the husband has already put the dragon from the knights' castle on the mast of the pirate ship (so he can harass the pirates) and the elephants from Noah's Ark are maurauding the knights' castle---whole lotta fun to be had!

      I'll have to get my MSD sized girls involved in the play and see how they look.
    17. I'm SO getting those. For ME! I need that wee bitty Rhino!
    18. Ohhh my gosh these are abselutely horribly cute! :aheartbea
      Why, why cant I live somewhere near all these wonderfull stores. :...(
    19. Okie-- I grabbed my Souldoll Soulkid Katie and took a couple of pics so you can see how how they look with a MSD sized doll (she's the only one completely clothed right now--her hands are a little wider than my Unoa's -- who's a mature mini-- but I think the effect is pretty much the same--pretty cool! Yeah--different subforum..but same toy discussion)




      I think they look in scale... :)
    20. thanks for the pics :thumbup