Cutesy Anime-like resin dolls?

Aug 20, 2019

    1. I've seen a lot of small vinyl dolls that are very anime-esque, are there resin dolls that look similar?
    2. 2D Doll and Aimerai have some tiny anime sculpts! SQLabs, too, but as far as I know those may as well be mythical.
    3. Oooo, I love some of those smaller 2D doll sculpts :love
    4. DollZone has resin anime dolls too, I know for sure that there's at least 4 that are YosD size (Black Cat, Pink Bear, KeAi, MiYou). There's also at least 3 that's MSD size (MiLi, Yui, Mirai).
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    5. I don't think I've ever seen those sculpts before, they're very cute!
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    7. 2D Doll is one of my favourites...! And to add to the list, Xaga Doll has a couple anime cuties in their Red Obsidian line!
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    8. Dollpamm has some really cute anime style dolls^^
    9. Kinoko Juice maybe?
    10. Last year Mariya Zhukova released two 11cm girls named Ani and Mei. (Actually one doll body with two faceplates.) The girls had resin wigs but looked like you could use regular wigs instead if you wanted. It was a limited edition of 70 dolls, sold on LiveJournal: Ani/Mei pre-order. I don't know if she sold out but it might be worthwhile contacting her to see if she has any left or is planning another edition. The dolls were cute as the dickens. I wish I had ordered one.
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    11. Sio2, Dollfie, PuYoo, DollPamm, DollZone, 2D, Aimerai, and Kinoko Juice to name some off the top of my head
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    12. Do you happen to remember which sculpt is on the top left & which is the second from bottom right (with the heart hands)? They're both so cute! (Also I know this was a rather old comment, came up when I was looking into this topic haha :sweat)
    13. Top left is SiO2 Ragdoll. The bottom one is by the company 2D Doll and the sculpt is called Kiwi. I hope this helps :D
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