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Cutie Angel Anyone?

Apr 8, 2009

    1. Hi! I wonder if anyone has noticed the new section on DenverDoll for Cutie Angel? Here:
      They look so cute and pouty! Does anyone have one yet or non-stock photos (aside from the one's a the bottom of that page)? ^_^
    2. Ahh, they are adorable!

      If someone wants to see more/bigger pictures, here's their official website: http://ctangel.com/index.php

      It's in Korean but easy to navigate. In the wallpaper section there are even more pics - worth taking a look^^
    3. the aesthetics look fairyly similar to dolls that are currently on-topic. i would think they'd be on-topic but i think we have to wait for the mods to decide.

      but they are quite adorable ^_^
    4. I saw these in person and they are adorable. The MSD is more like the older style (before everyone satrted making slim minis) - with bigger head and immature body. She'd fit inperfectly with Volks MSD, CP KD, Angelregion, Leeke, etc.
    5. These are on-topic.
    6. Discussion thread?

      And also, does anyone know if their 1/4 dolls Allie and Tori are the same head mold, just in different genders. They look similar in some shots but I can't be sure.
    7. I'd like to know how well these dolls pose??? Anyone have some first-hand experience handling/posing one?
      I saw them on DDE for the first time today and I see an MSD I'd like to add to my Wishlist.