Cutie Delf Cory GONE

Dec 29, 2006

    1. I think Luts has decided that they are no longer going to produce cutie delfs, I have anxiously been awaiting for them to put him back in stock only to find out that today the cutie is GONE @[email protected] Thank goodness I went to the options part and bought the sleeping head and the body otherwise my little girl would never have made it home. does anybody know if Luts had this planned? I'm very interested to know why they've discontinued the little darlings.
    2. They mentioned it to someone on the boards...a lot of the stuff is gone too...
    3. It's so depressing I was kinda hoping that they would release a different model sometime soon, I guess that's not going to happen :(
    4. Awww...that makes me sad. I'm glad I got my Mary when I did. :(
    5. Well Mary is still available but they won't be producing them any longer until they are sold out. *sigh* I really wanted the complete cutie delf special but I had to settle on the option parts head and body. Which will no longer be produced either

    6. I saw this earlier, it was really sad! Just as I see a very convincing, sweet Cory and go to check him out - he's gone! Such a pity. Their Bambicrony dolls aren't on there either, anymore.
    7. I know! I just adopted hhelenhh's Cory and went to look at stuff for him... including the optional head but it's all gone now!
      I was always hoping they'd do BW Cuties or Elf Cuties.
      Cuties have the sturdiest fattest little bodies that are so fun to hold onto.

      BTW Nanlady...! Your avatar IS HORRIBLE! D-: ^_-

    8. I used to really want Cory :(
    9. I'm so glad I broke down and got a Cory in the fall last year. He's just wonderful. I just love his little belly and gentle face. He's very expressive and is my best poser. I'll miss seeing him on eluts.
    10. Will they release another type of tiny? Or is that it for Luts?

      I was hoping for an elf Cutie as well. :(
    11. *nods* the most I can hope for is getting elf ears modded onto mine, but you can bet I'm not selling him as they will never be released again and the price on them will definitely increase on the second hand market
    12. Thing is Luts dont actually make the dolls CP do.. so Luts have to go by what CP decide to make... Luts just stock and supply... Such a shame I wanted a cutie in the future...

      Maz x
    13. Cory is my Moms favorite BJD of all time ...she ran off with mine
      I did make an Elf Cory ...but I forgot who bought it ..opps

      its a shame , I prefere Cory to Mary ..but I never thought the photos did "her/him" justice

      and the body design is second to none ...AND I have done tiny to death LOL
      it is a fantastic design
      MY only gripe was the body was not anatomically correct ...and Im not a fan of that

      and for those who want to see and Elf Cory ;)
    14. Bambicrony announced on their own website a while back that they'd only be selling dolls from that site in the future.

      - Liz
    15. I heard something about they getting ride of the Cutie Delf Cory
      So that means i can only get it second handed now :(
    16. Wow who modded your Cory's ears? I'm getting a Cory in a few days and need them modded, her and my Yo-SD Anne
      Any tips? :D
    17. I did
      I used ApoxySculpt ...or it may have been Milliput
      they are both the same .....
      I found it quite easy , matching the colour was the hardest

      add them to the existing ears , keep them thin looks more realistic
    18. Does anyone know if CP is going to release new cutie delfs then? Or are they trying to make up for Cory's disappearance by bringing in a new flood of dolls? AAAGH this is driving me crazy >__>;
    19. I believe they are no longer going to make cutie delfs although they still have the sleeping optional head on the Japanese website but since there aren't any more on the english one it's likely that the options will be gone altogether.
    20. Oh for shame! ><