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cutie delf shoes on a bambicrony?

Mar 5, 2007

    1. Anyone have cutie delf shoes. I'm wondering how they compare sizewise to the luts Bambicrony shoes. The're out of black maryjanes in the BC size, but they still have some in the cutie size. I've been checking there for three weeks and there's still none in stock so I'm thinking I may just have to try the cutie shoes.

      But I am a stickler for fit, I like things to fit properly and not just make do. So I'd like to know if they will fit nicely as opposed to fit better than sd siized shoes will. They will most likely always be worn with socks as I always make socks of some description with my outfits. Photos would be much appreciated too, thanks!
    2. Cutie delf's foot is much wider and longer yo, and leeke. Leeke and Yo shoes fit Bambicrony a bit loose so I'd say the cutie delf shoes would be way too big.

      borrowing bandwidth from the sticky by tinybear
    3. yeah I looked at those dollheart shoes earlier, they're too clunky for me. I'm not really into the cutesy lolita style. I think based on what you've said I'll give teh dutie delf ones a miss tooo. I just want a plain pair of classic black or brown mary janes. Maybe I will have to resort to paint to get what I want if luts don't restock soon
    4. Cutie Delf's shoes are loose even on my Leeke (I've got a pair of floral shoes from them that is kind of mary-jane like). It'll be too big for a Bambicrony since BC's feet are a tad smaller than Leeke, unless you're thinking of putting some bulky socks on. Hope this helps.
    5. Here's from my entry in the tiny comparison thread:


      The Cutie Delf shoes are much too large. :)

    6. Unfourtunatly for us poor buyers outside the US ...she is a little hostile :x
      which is a pitty as we are hungry for shoes ...her loss

      So I use Judy :aheartbea
      and she is lovely , helpfull

      same shoes ...great service and good shipping rates ! for we shoe-aholics overseas http://stores.ebay.com/Jujus-Dolly-Mall

      and this is her web site

      I do have a couple of pairs of Luts shoes ...they are huge , and very sloppy ...and thats on my Yo
      but they are so cute and have kitty cat faces on them LOL
      but I put thick socks on them ...

      Leeke are a better fit ...and Dollheart Yo shoes
    7. Oh yeah, I forgot about her US-only rule :doh Sorry :(

      But yes, any 10 inch Ann Estelle shoes will fit Bambi Crony dolls pretty well, and they're always cheap.
    8. New question in regards to the same topic - how do Cutie Delf boots fit on a BC? Regular shoes would be way too big, but I know sometimes you can get away with boots that are too big (clunky is SO in). Anyone have any insight on that?
    9. So... these shoes fit Bambicrony:

      Ann Estelle sized
      Dollheart Yo

      Anything else???
    10. PW originals ;)

      I gave up trying to find some nice ones that were in stock AND available to New Zealand AND didn't come with a $30+ ems shipping fee, so I made my own

    11. I have some bright green limmited boots from Luts , again they are large
      but they stop on much better , especially with socks too
      and they look great LOL:)
    12. I saw your Marketplace post. Your clothes are LOVELY!!! :)

      Thanks for the tip! I hadn't considered those, before!
    13. I've had Cutie Delf shoes before and they were huge on my Yo-SD. Yo-SD and BC have similar feet, right? I found these shoes at Kemper Dolls and they are the best fit that I've found, are super cheap, and come in tons of colors:


      Kemper has lots of great shoes for BJD. ;)
    14. Just posting, for anyone interested-
      I wrote to Luts on their Q & A board, to ask when they're restocking Pretty Candies Black & Spring Garden black shoes for our Bambicrony girls-
      This was their reply:
      Dear Melissa,
      Hi! Thank you for having an interest in our products. Unfortunately we don't have any plans to restock these shoes for Bambicrony yet. We're very sorry not to give you any good news about it. Thank you so much.
      Man, what a bummer! Cheapie shoes are OK, but I really like my dolls to have nice shoes :(
    15. Dollheart shoes should be nice - it says above that they fit BC.

    16. Yes Dollheart shoes fit I have them for my BC