Cyclops and Three Eyed Dolls

Oct 26, 2016

    1. I've been really interested in fantasy dolls as of late, and I find myself really attracted to dolls with less than or more than 2 eyes!

      I especially like Flower and Junoir's Mizi!

      How do you feel about cyclops or three eyed dolls? Do you have any of your own? (If you do you should post pictures!) Do you think you'd ever get one?
    2. I got my start in doll collecting with Monster High, so I'm aaaaaall about weird facial and body features

      I have few characters with 3+ eyes, and would looove to see some dolls with lots if eyes

    3. I feel like I have seen dolls with a third eye but until now I haven't been interested in them 0.0 they seem to cool now that I think of it and *squee* I'm gunna have to look into them now *^*
    4. 5Star Doll Dark comes to mind for the 3 eyed type. He's quite pretty! Have you seen Circus Kane's Kameko? She has something like 15 eyes! (Not gonna lie, that one gives me trypophobia vibes...)

      I personally don't want a cyclops or 3-eyed doll, just because I mostly only am interested in collecting human dolls, with the rare exception for a pet doll. I do think a lot of them are very interesting to look at, and some are beautiful, just not my thing.
    5. Luts had a limited 3 eyed Model Delf Avalanche Soul Hunter. He's still on the website, even though he's no longer available.
    6. I really want a cyclops doll. The whole idea just sounds Intresting. But i'v seen so few dolls, other Aileen's. And I miss the orders on all three of those...Maybe I'll get lucky in the second hand market.

      But Villi Tunes is starting their pre-orders for Mizuki, a cute chubby cyclops, Nov 1st.
    7. Oh cool! Monster high dolls have some pretty cool designs!
      I don't really have any cyclops or multi-eyed characters, but I might just get a three eyed doll because of how neat they are >u<

      Aren't they though! I hope this thread brings to light a bunch of dolls with different eyes *v*

      Omg that boy is so elegant~~~ I love how they sculpted his third eye. I haven't seen Kameko until now; she's so creepy, I love her haha!

      That's understandable, I'm not sure if I'll end up getting a 3 eyed doll or cyclops either, I would only be getting one for the aesthetic if I'm being honest lol.

      I need him. He's so mature looking for an msd, and I love how they sculted the third eye, it's super unique. Hopefully some day I'll be able to get my grubby mitts on him lol. Until now, I'll just add him to my wishlist.
      Thanks for mentioning him ^u^

      I hardly ever see cyclops dolls either, and if I do they're either mods, or teeny dolls (I'm more a fan of msds~!)

      Aileen's sculpt is what got me interested in cyclops dolls myself! It's such a good sculpt ughghg.
      Mizuki is sooooooo cute... Gosh I'm debating on whether I want one or not @o@
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    8. I've had a doll crush on Jing the five eyed demon by miracle doll since before I got my first doll.
      I yearn for a healthy/heaping serving of eyeballs.
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    9. Me too she's so cute. But her body shape, even though adorable, makes me hesitate since I'm no good at making costom clothes for dolls just yet. But the hoodie she's wearing will be up for sale with her. So I'm conflicted...
    10. Mizuki cyclops... I want one, but I prefer to have all similar body shapes for my dolls, so I can make them clothing that any of them can wear. I'm going to be getting YoSDs.... I seriously wish I could find a YoSD(with a generic body) sized cyclops!!! : D

      ...The ones on aileendoll are awesome, but not in stock, I'll have to keep an eye on that site... in case they make more cyclops.
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    11. Oh his sculpt is so cool! His sharp features destroy me <3

      Oh yeah I have a leeke art body and making clothes is a struggle ;o;
      Her hoodie is super cute though, and you might be able to make custom clothes by just looking at the hoodie and seeing how it's shaped, ect.

      I don't blame you, different body types mean each doll gets their own wardrobe, and that breaks the bank :shudder

      Hmm you could always do a hybrid, cyclops head on a normal yosd body??

      Alieendoll cyclops are amazing, but always sold out! I hope they do a preorder in the future, I'd be so tempted to buy a cyclops ;o;
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    12. Haha, yeah, that is very true, and something I'm defiantly keeping in mind this time!xD

      Yeah, I did see a MSD cyclops head on a yosd once, and it did look adorable. However I sort of like the YoSDs best because they look a bit like chibis... xD The heads for the MSDs feel more realistic and grown up, so I would prefer one with features like the Alieendoll cyclops has! I'm sure one of these days, more and more people seem to want cyclops dolls and other cool monster based dolls, so I'm sure the options will grow in time! : )

      If Alieendoll did a preorder when I had money I would have to jump at that chance! Gives me a reason to save up and keep more money in the bank, just in case I find a cyclops I want one day!xD
    13. Have you seen the lovely selections of miracle doll, dollzone, and doll chateau? they've got some pretty neato monsterish things, however other than doll chateau, they're not very cute or moe like the Alieendoll Cyclops.
    14. There have been a couple of cyclops girls in monster-themed manga/anime that I've taken a liking to (namely from "Nurse Hitomi" and also "Monster Musume"), so the idea of a cyclops doll appeals to me. I might just have to buy a blank head to mod into one... Now there's a good Christmas idea!
    15. Yeah, I really love some of the dolls in doll chateau, my only complaint (it's a personal thing, I don't actually feel they should change) is that I would like to see some bodies in the smaller dolls with more generic measurements. I want to keep my dolls all in the same size range.

      Doll zones are cute, but most (of the smaller ones) are still too normal for what I would want from a monster doll. Don't really care if they are creepy or cute, but someday I want a yoSD size, with odd features, like one eye, or even more different/creepier features. Might not ever be able to get one, but I can dream!xD

      Jadite from 5StarDoll is close to grabbing my attention. I just wish the face was a little less human.
    16. I would kill for an adorable, baby-faced cyclops boy in SD size. T_____T Especially if he came in a fantasy color :aheartbea I really like the AileenDoll cyclops but I only have one tiny and am trying to keep it that way... plus they seem to be hard to get your hands on!
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    17. I've never seen an SD cyclops boy before! It might have to be a mod job, though doku doll has a msd/yosd cyclops head (fairy cradle is what it's called), that you may be able to fit onto an sd? Though I feel like that head may be incredibly hard to get a hold of ; ;
    18. ✞✞✞Doku Paradise ✞✞✞ I just got a cyclops from Doku doll, it's the head only and it's for msd and they have a Halloween sale going on right now for her too, she's a good alternative to Aileen.
    19. As QuincyArcher just said there is the MSD one from Doku Paradise (starting to see more around which is fantastic!) And I just ordered the Villitunes Mizuki for myself (I have a soft spot for Cyclops....) Other than that I've only ever seen modded heads ><
    20. Seconding this. I own one of these heads and she's beautiful! I'm also keen on unusual eyes for my dolls. Besides the Dokudoll cyclops who I have hybrided onto a Dollzone B45-008 msd body I also own Miracle Doll Jing and Nefer Kane's Kameko. There are a few others I can think of but they have been mentioned already, besides Cygophilia by Dorosea (who is impossible to obtain) ;)
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