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D.Cradle + EgoProject head sculpt Keath

Mar 4, 2008

    1. He's very very gorgeous! =3

      I'm seriously pondering the idea of picking up one of these boys in the Snow White colour that will be available for the second run...I've been looking around for a head sculpt for a character of mine named Laz, and none have really clicked until Keath.
    2. I am just so enthralled with the head! I went ahead and jumped on it, in case they go really fast. Has anyone else purchased one/planning on getting the first batch? I am hoping that it will work on my iplehouse buff body just fine. :D It really is amazing looking!
    3. hehe, i went and ordered one myself but im not sure if i made it in the first batch. :\ I hope i am.
    4. I ordered one!! He's so incredibly ... I don't even know what the word is. Sorta melancholy. But it's so cute. XD I'm so excited about him!

      As for the first batch thing.. I don't know if they are doing it this way for everyone, but Pookie emailed me to let me know that the head was being shipped out.
    5. I'm waiting for the second batch... I'm not too sure yet if I want him in normal or white resin. Hmm...
    6. Double post.
    7. Yeah, I'm very tempted to invest myself... maybe the second batch, since I'm a skeptic, and I love to see owner pics first ...x3
      Glad people are buying him though!
    8. He's really handsome! I'm gonna wait for the second batch to see what the white skinned ones look like though. I'm glad that there are lots of people who want to buy him - post lots of pics!
    9. Like i said in PM...the head is so gorgeous and im so tempted to get it!!!
      maybe second batch! ^__^
      good luck!!!
    10. I would love this head in tan... light tan I'm pretty sure it won't be happening. Tan is hard to make and if she is starting to make heads she should stick to White and NS. He's a very handsome sculpt.
    11. Just bought one. :sweat He's cute, and I can always use the actor-heads.
    12. 1st editions are sold out! Thank you every one~*
      They'll be shipped out tomorrow with EMS.
      The 2nd editions will be out before the end of March.
      Thank you :)
    13. My head arrived here today. He looks absolutely amazing and I already adore him to no end! :aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea
    14. Mine arrived today too! He's so amazing in person! :D I love his expression.
    15. Okay, 'seriously pondering' has turned into definitely getting. XD
      I've subscribed to both this and the news thread so I can know exactly when the 2nd edition goes on sale.:whee:

      drowningindolls and andarton: Congrats! ...pictures??? =D
    16. I can try to get some pictures of him up sometime tomorrow after work (it's late and if I don't sleep I'll die).

      But congrats on deciding to get him! I'm sure you won't be disappointed if you do ^^
    17. a couple pictures of 'Keath'



      sorry for the kinda wonky lighting.. I don't really have the best setup for photos in my room and my room mate's not up yet so I don't want to tear apart the house in search of a good photo location.
    18. :aheartbea Such a sad and thoughtful face. :aheartbea
    19. I don't have a face-up on him or even a wig or eyes yet. It was an impulse purchase that turned out well! Andarton yours looks awesome in that wig! :) I would definatly say that if your considering it go on ahead and grab one! It is such a unique and lovely head. :)