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=D Dollmore And Another Space Fashions =D

Oct 1, 2007

    1. Yep they are listing their clothes now on their site. From clothing to wigs to goggles :lol: Site and click Dollmore News http://www.dollmore.net/index.php

      I so wana buy the goggles!!! :aheartbea
    2. The logo used on the "SD - AOP003 - Grey Jumper Skirt" is a logo that has been taken from vampirefreaks.com (it was made by a member of the VP community) I wonder if that's legal to do? :S
    3. If the image has copyright on it, and AOS hasn't asked the author for permission, then yes - it's illegal :/

      But it's great to see that Dollmore is selling for AOS :3 Looking forward to more items x3
    4. anyone know when are they releasing the goggles?
    5. This is from one of their notices:
      So, they will eventually release goggles.... just not exactly sure when