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D&H Volks new Preorder (Jan)

Jan 12, 2005

    1. From Frank : infoATdoll-hobbyDOTcom :

    2. does anyone have a link to the preorder page where i can view everything for preorder- or is that it? normally there is more..
    3. I was wondering this also...I wonder if they can not preorder the usual wigs, etc?
    4. Personally, when I'm in doubt, I call them up: 1-877-324-3200 (toll free)
      I get my answers super quick!
    5. Hmmmm I just called. But nobody was there who really knew about Volks items. They said try back at 3:30 EST. I can't be the only one with trouble navigating the website, can I?
    6. Nope, they usually have a preorder section, but not at the moment. Maybe someone just forgot to set the link up?
    7. I remember when I got the email about the preorder, I emailed them twice asking if there was a link... I never got a reply.

      Odd, since they usually reply pretty quickly, and I had just recieved an order from the a day or two before as well.
    8. *_* I didn't get this e-mail, but I've been on their list for AGES. I usually get these, too....wonder if somethings up.

      Oooooh...I need to get some MSC...