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D.I.M. change resin color

Oct 16, 2007

    1. Dear Customers,

      We would like to announce that D.I.M Love resin color is changing to the same color of D.I.M Happy & Sweet,Honey color.

      Therefore, we don't have any stock of replacement of parts, if you need any, the replacement parts will be supplied you with new resin color.

      The new resin color is bright yellow(White yellow)

      Most of D.I.M Love dolls are sold out but will be soon open for pre-order with new resin color.


      Thank you very much
      This info. form D.I.M. Notice board
    2. {{nevermind, question will be answered in another thread!!}}

      Does anyone know if this will change the color of the Minimee bodies and heads or is that a separate color all together? Cause I do know the Minimee bodies were similar to the Love Bodies! (Just curious about future purchases! )
    3. hi, D.I.M Minimee resin and D.I.M Memory resin stay same.
      Only Love line dolls will be changed as same resin as D.I.M other lines(Happy, Sweet, Honey).

      Thank you

    4. This pertains only to tinies? Not full-size dolls?
    5. Sorry, My explanation was not enough I guess^^.

      Memory & Minimee : stay
      Love ==> same color as DIM other lines
      Happy,Sweet,Honey lines : stay

      Thank you
    6. So, Love will now match Happy, Sweet and Honey.. But, will that then mean that those will match Memory and Minimee resin? Or will there still be a noticable difference between the two?

      Sorry, I just couldn't remember whether Memory and Minimee resin was the same as, say, Happy and Sweet.
    7. This has already been answered. Read post #3.

      Its pretty easy to understand the Memory and Minimee lines will still have the option of Normal or White skin. All other lines will be normal skin only.
    8. Edit: I just got an answer back from DIM, and there will still be a white skin option for the Love-sized dolls, though the resin color could look slightly different from the ones currently out there.
    9. HI ~ ^^

      Memory = Minimee : Same resin / Same color

      Love=Happy=Sweet=Honey : will same resin & color

      Also there will be an option for white resin on LOVE dolls^^(but could be slightly different from the current one)

      Memory/Minimee aren't same as Happy and other lines.
      The resin color is different ^^ as they are produced in different place.

      Thank you and if you are wondering anything, please feel free to ask me at any time

    10. When do you think you will be offering white resin on the Love line?
    11. They must be planning to update their website then because currently only the Memory and Minimee lines have the drop down menu for selecting a skin color.
    12. The Love dolls in white skin are listed separately. For instance, here's the link for NS Danbi:


      And this is the link for the WS Danbi:


      Edit: Okay, I just noticed that not all of the Love dolls have WS options. Hopefully there will be a change of this in the future!
    13. Thank you for asking ^^
      (In fact, we used to take white skin orders by e-mail ^^)

      For White skin for Love line,
      We will offer it as seperately when we start taking orders for love dolls.
      At the moment, we are in the middle of moving the factory of love line, so it will take a month to prepare.

      Thank you so much ^^

    14. Is there no way to still get the old color? I ave an Achernar head but have been saving up for a body, but it was out of stock during the rainy season, and is out of stock now (I don't know if it ever was in stock?) So I don't even think I'll ever find one on the used market! Is there any hope for my bodyless boy?
    15. If you can't get a body that matches you may want to try matching it up with a body from another company. Or post in the marketplace that you are looking for a body. Someone may have one that they are willing to sell.
    16. Could you possibly post a photograph of the 60cm DIM minimee doll that's being sold on ebay right now, so we can see the actual color of the resin? It mentions that it is more bright yellow. It would be so helpful to know what that looks like, before buying the doll. Many thanks for your help with this!
    17. When they say bright yellow, it is not actually pure yellow. (I know I pictured canary yellow or highlighter yellow at the description!) It's a softer, apricot color... similar to both Senior Delf resin and Volks pureskin, though lighter.

      There are a lot of resin comparison pics in this thread:
    18. I'll do that if I have to, yes, but I really like the DIM body for my character. I'm just worried there aren't enough of the body in the old resin color in circulation to pick up one used very easily... *sigh*