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D.I.M Christmas Event

Oct 31, 2008

    1. Date 2008/10/31 [09:50]
      Title CHRISTMAS EVENT !!

      Please note that Customers who purchase items(only total amount of items except EMS) over certain amount will receive gifts.

      Please note that those gifts are randomly selected based on stock(Cannot selected by customers).

      Over 100$(US) : Cat Cap

      Over 300$(US) : Cat Cap + Outfit(Retail price 30-40$)

      Over 500$(US) : DIM Love head(No face up)

      Event Period : 1st November to 25th December

      Note : Gift might be replaced with others due to stock situation
      Gift is sent randomly only.(no choice is possible)
    2. About the gift outfit for $300- will it be a random size as well? I don't want to be given an outfit I can't use...
    3. It's randomly chosen and given.

      But most of gift items are for SD sized doll(from Anotherspace)
      For MSD sized doll, we have some trouders and t-Shirts.

      Anyway, you can put your inquiry in the order sheet or write questions in board of DIM DOLL.

      Thank you