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D.I.M Doll In Mind - Girl discussion

Apr 19, 2006

    1. Thank you so much for showing the body Denny!! She looks great..

    2. She look so beautiful! Wonderful :D
    3. Thanks Denny, she's just what I was hoping for :)
    4. so beautiful... I'm officialy saving up for her <3 thank you for the photos!
    5. new thread for talking about the new D.I.M. Girl! (previous posts are merged above and below me) sorry for the inconvenience
    6. Thank you very much Aimee ! & People that wrote kind comments on this.
      How kind of you ^^*

      Here is the measurement.

      - Height : 56cm
      - Circumference of Neck :9cm
      - Circumference of Bust : 23cm
      - Circumference of Shoulder : 8cm (including shoulder :11.8cm)
      - Circumference of waist 18cm
      - Circumference of Hip: 24.5cm
      - Foot size : 7.1cm

      Thank you very much !
    7. Denny
      These dolls are lovely. I ordered Odelia from a shop here in the USA. Since they are sent with ramdom wigs, Can you tell me where I can get a white one. Her promotion picture is what I hope to achieve
    8. I ordered odelia also from a shop in the USA. The info. says she comes with the white wavy wig though, not a random one!