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D.I.M. - Doll Restock

Aug 20, 2004

    1. This thread is for posting D.I.M.'s doll and parts restocks. Please post the item's name, size, and price. If possible, please also provide a direct link to the item.

      Please ONLY post updates to this information, rather than chat or discussion. For the News Forum posting rules, click here.
    2. I asked on the DIM board about the Rain and Sleepy Rain head, and this is the reply I got:

      Dear ChocoMeijin,

      Thank you for your inquiry.

      The rain was made a year ago..and we are planing to remake Rain as 2006 version.
      However, it will be taken some months from now...^^

      We are not sure if we make sleepy rain too. If there are many requests from customers
      then, we will do for them.

      Thank you very much.

      :o:o Let's all spam DIM with sleepy Rain requests!!

      Also, if anyone is concerned about DIM quality, you can check out their answer Here and the headcap problem will be fixed in a Feb 06 release. Just thought some Rain fans would like this info~ :3
    3. Here's a pic of the regular Rain:


      From the Art-Tong website (Couldn't find it anymore there, I just had these saved :3)

      And Sleepy Rain from Gigglegeek :3


      That sleepy one~~ I've swooned a bit over that one :D:D
    4. Well I hope it's okay to post this, I found pictures of what looks like the new D.I.M. girl, posted by LittleAmi (the D.I.M. artist).


      Click on "Gallery" and they're on the first page there... not the large face closeup that's a different artist's work, but the other red-haired girl. She's lovely! I can't wait to see her released. ^^
    5. Little Ami is the name of the artist. ^^ I think the mini girl she's releasing was sculpted around the same time as R-Asiam boy, because there's an as-of-yet unreleased MSD size girl called A-Ruu.

      Here's some direct links to her photos:




      Just because she's a "new" doll doesn't mean she wasn't sculpted a while ago. ^^

    6. Hi ^^ In fact, the doll you pointed out...is Bisque doll that Littleami worked out a long days ago.
      LittleAmi told me...she made up her mind ^^ this year's plan..to focus on Ball jointed doll...only.

      The recent news..is she made a 43cm girl...completed...and now in production stage and there will be 1 or 2 more 43 girls...for released soon at
      dimdoll.com(headcap is magnetic verison)

      Also...D.I.M is planing to release Rain 2006 version as soon as possible...

      And..what..more...hmm....she is making girl body right now...and...about
      two months...will be taken before her exihibition at seoul..(It's bisque doll exhibition.)

      new sd Boy is already completed....and just waiting for his turn.

      I hope this can help you for some information ~


    7. Sorry.edited again...that is 43cm....^^

      I am not sure whether the coming 43cm doll looks like A-Ruu or not..^^
      I heard that...there were many requests about A-Ruu from Domestic mania(Korea) so she had some images of A-Ruu into 43cm girl...I think...(Nor sure 100%)

      Anyway~~The A-ruu is mini sized...doll head..produced a year ago..and only sold head at art-tong.com for very few..quantity only.
    8. Hello ^^* I am denny. ^^ Today I joined the group~I am honored to be here and will visit here often ~~ Thank you

      By the way~~D.I.M's lovely doll artist "LittleAmi" is doing exhibition in Seoul right now.
      I got some photos of the new dolls of D.I.M for you.
      Please enjoy ^^*
      The boy in white outfit will be limited model(20LE)

    9. i have to say i'm just in love with the girl dressed up as the bunny (is it the same one in the little white corset and blonde pigtails?)

      i hope she's not limited... i would love to have her...

      thank you for sharing these pictures!
    10. welcome denny :)

      i love that boy. do they have names yet?
    11. I love that little girl, she looks so delicate! will she be limited too?
    12. HI ^^* THank you ^^*(Smile ~)
      No one has own name yet ^^ Sad~~
      I am just out of idea to make names~~
    13. ^^ nothing is yet decided in fact ^^ I hope not too..^^
    14. ^^ They will be open for pre-order very soon. (43cm girl)
      The boy in white will be released as shop exclusive model at sunrisedoll.com
      & dimdoll.com only for LE20.
      And the girl in white dress~ will be released a little bit later as dim girl body is still being tested and made.(In March..the girl body will be done I think ^^)
      Any questions~~ let me know~~~

      Thank you for all your comments on our girls & boy~
    15. Ahh. I forgot something..^^

      The boy will have a white hat~~and with shining Ivory wig~
      (No shoes included)
    16. Are they mini or SD sized? :D I'm in love with the girl too!! The boy is beautiful as well!
    17. Is the boy model himself LE? Or is this just going to be an LE version of him that comes with the white clothing? And is he MSD sized? I've been looking for an MSD boy!
    18. To whom gave me warmest hello ^^, thank you so much ^^*
      This community is very well organized and people are so nice.....
      So impressed.

      By the way, the boy in white is 60cm high. And LE version of white clothing.
      for normal version, I am not sure..when it would be...
      AAHH...the face-up is not the official one.....The face-up was done by LittleAmi ^^ official one will be done by face-up expert.

      If you're looking for MSD boy....^^
      We will do have plan for that...in this year....^^*
      Thank you again~~
    19. Denny~~ Do you know any information about re-release of Rain? And sleepy Rain? I love them~~ X3
    20. ^^ In fact, I am not very sure about Sleepy Rain..Nothing has been planed about Sleepy Rain.
      Currently all production are very slow..because modified male body is not ready yet..(almost ready)
      LittleAmi is doing her exhibition right now and when it's done, she will work out for other dolls...like..Danbi, Persia and the rain..maybe.
      Anyway, I will keep an eye on..what ^^ customers want...and there should be way ^^*Rain2006 will be just...like new Rain...if she makes Sleepy rain, then it will be new sleepy rain. (I will let you know ^^if this works)

      TO juless231, Yes, the little girls are ^^ Same girl.
      The outfits are just for the exhibition and the face up are just done by littleami. so the face up will be cared by expert ^^*
      (No problem, wheather it's been posted.., it's my pleasure to communicate with kind people...^^* from different countries...)
      I wish..I had time to go around...someday~
      I just planning to go Europe..with whole my family..(My family, Paraents, Brother's family..) I hope this plan can be come true...in this year ^^*

      Good day~!! (My daughter is graducating her kindergarden today~and goint to elemantary school this year~!! Yeah!~ I am so excited...^^)