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D.I.M Happy New year's Event

Dec 22, 2006

    1. Dear Customers,

      We would like to thank you for your love on our dolls during 2006.

      We have special event for our customers as follows and this event is only for Doll head.

      This event is only avilable by E-mail only and No make up head only event.

      (Sorry that this event is not available at D.I.M Dealers)
      (This event can be closed earlier than the expected close date)

      *BUY 2 doll heads, Get 1 Free(Random)

      [Available doll head]

      -Danbi(Normal / White)
      -R-Asiam(Normal / White)
      -Rain(Normal / White)
      -Real head(Normal / White) : the head was in Rain2006 Special Version
      -Persia Sleeping(Normal / White)
      -Jeremey(Normal / White)
      -Angelo(Normal / White)
      -Belita half closed head(Normal / White)

      *Event Period : December. 24th. 2006 to 1st.Jan. 2007

      *How to order (E-Mail Order only)

      Please send your order to nescot@paran.com with following information.

      1. Your Doll head Orders(Pick up two doll heads) with Skin type.

      2. Your Name , shipping address & telephone

      3. Perfered Random head for Bonus(We can't get you what you want 100% but at least we will try)

      4. Please send your payment to our Paypal account.
      Please see your shipping cost.

      USA : 43$ + 210$(your order)
      AUS : 34$ + 210$(your order)
      EUROPE Countries : 37$ + 210$(your order)
      ASIA Countries : 22$ + 210$(your order)

      Paypal Account : frenchdoll@ifigure.co.kr

      5. Delivery : All orders will be shipped out End of Jan. 2007

      Best Regards,

      - D.I.M -
    2. Oh lovely! Just curious though, is the Jeremey head the sleeping Jeremey or an open eyed version?
    3. Sorry..Jeremy is Sleeping Jeremy.(I Called him short.My habbit.)
    4. DIM heads are so beautiful! I hope my family gives me enough Christmas money so I can do this offer. :love

      I do have one question though, whats the difference between the Rain head and the Real head? I think they look the same?
    5. Can only one head be ordered or must you purchase two?
    6. Hi... the last photo is the real head. thanks

    7. Hi, You can order through dimdoll site for purchsing one head.
      But if there are no stock at the site, then the heads need to be ordered through event.

      Thanks for the interesting. Happy Christmas.
    8. HI
      i like to know if Bbjorn and Achernar are open for choosing as bonus head?? thanks
    9. AHH, they are not available. They are only for completed doll sale.
    10. How soon will payment be needed after order?

      The holidays are slowing banks down due to office closures.

      Thank you,
    11. is the color the same as the old body color that is more yellow or the new body color?
    12. D.I.M Had this history of color.

      Old body(More Yellow) ==>>Light..White==>> Now All D.I.M Dolls are a little White Pinky color.
    13. When they say "-Belita half closed head(Normal / White)" they are saying "belita half closed eyes"... right? :S

      and now they have two different skin tones??