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D.I.M RAIN2006 Special-LE20(Official photo added)

Jun 9, 2006

      Rain2006 Special-LE20 is now open for Pre-order.

      Estimated shipping date : MID AUGUST

      ***There are BONUS HEAD that is Real head included***

      - Skin type : Normal Skin
      - Headcap : Magnetic
      - Wig : 9.4 inch
      - Height: 60cm
      - Eyes: 16mm Glass eyes(Random)
      - Circumference of Head :24cm
      - Circumference of Neck :10cm
      - Circumference of Bust : 24cm
      - Circumference of Shoulder : 8.5cm (including shoulder :11cm)
      - Circumference of waist 21cm
      - Circumference of Hip: 25cm
      - Foot size : 7.3cm


      *Real head(without face up),
      *Limited Special outfit(As photo shown-Cap, Jacket, Trousers,Blouse - the color of Brooch is Random(White or Mint)
      *Default Face up
      *Cotton Blanket
      *Wig(Black Wig same as photo)
      *Glass eyes(16mm Random color)
      -eye lashes & shoes are not included

      [For Ordering]
      Ask to your nearest Dealers in U.S.A

      Official website : http://www.dimdoll.com

    2. are there any other companies that match the new resin?
    3. I am not quite sure ^^ as I don't have others' body.
      And you know.....resin colors...changes..sometimes.
      the new resin...looks....clear...and bright...with less pink.
      can't explain...^^ sorry...
      Anyway, When we prepare the official photos.....in two weeks...
      I will post ^^ detailed photos.
    4. waiting him for a longtime~

      and ,rain's colour is also like DIM'S old boly and head??
    5. No..the color is like you see..the Rain2006 head.(don't see the body color^^)
      It's more bright(no yellow) and less pink.

      Thank you~
    6. so ,it means that new body (rain with his body )can't fit to DIM's old head like DANBI?

    7. Will this head be available for purchase seperately?
    8. The head is not sold separately ^^ sorry.
    9. how ahobt that last picture of 1/3 close eyes head?(not like the same)is it including in Lain2006 Special-LE20 ??
    10. Yes...the real head(Without face up) is in the package.
      Good day~
    11. Will the "real" head be available for purchase seperately later? Or be released as a standard doll? Or will this be the only time we'll ever see it? =(