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D.O.D Homme Ducan Doll - Looking to Make clone doll.

Apr 29, 2017

    1. I know the Title is weird.

      But I have been trying to find how to or where to buy D.O.D Homme Ducan. I have come up with lots of bupkis. He is my Grail. But I am looking find a sculpt that looks sort of like him. I know its weird. But I need to have my Seth. And TT^TT Homme Ducan was like perfect match.

      So any dolls you think sort of remind you of the Dream of Doll - Homme Ducan?
    2. Did you try putting up a want to buy thread in the marketplace? Perhaps someone who has a Ducan might be willing to sell him to you.
    3. Have you looked to see if any of the switch doll faces look similar?
    4. I honestly think DOD had a very own, distinct style that I yet have to see elsewhere. On the top of my head there is no other company I could mistake for DOD if the angle and face-up is right :(

      I agree, maybe try to find one second-hand?
    5. As a fellow Ducam enthusiast, I'd agree that your best bet is gonna be the secondhand market. I've seen several Ducans on the MP in the last couple months; they're not that hard to find really. And if you're having a super hard time finding a Ducan specifically for some reason, but really want that DoD aesthetic, all kinds of DoT boys show up on the MP, and they all have that DoD look.

      Good luck! :3nodding:
    6. Honestly speaking, I think getting Ducan second hand is the best option. Once upon a time, I owned a Ducan and I'm telling you, they are VERY robust dolls. Getting that as a second hand doll, in good condition if that's your concern, is easy as pie.

      Dream of Doll had a VERY unique style, I can without a doubt say you will never be able to find a doll that looked like theirs. Especially Ducan, one of their most popular sculpts. :chibi

      Good luck on your hunt, however! I hope your search bares fruit...but really second hand option is le best :evilplot: