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D.o.D introduces Cross Match-05

Jan 20, 2010

    1. I was just surfing through Dream of Doll and found this:

      Cross Match-05
      It will be start selling on JAN.20th
      We matched D.O.T Code no.02's head to custom D.O.I body.

      We did re-sizing girth of D.O.I¡¯s neck. So, D.O.T head can fit in D.O.I body.

      As you see the pictures, the head and body is matched naturally.

      After you see the overall proportion, you can make your own decision.

      EYE: 16mm Random (half round acryl eyes)

      Wig: You can choose the wig as optional choice.
      (the wig will be sent same as picture and it is possible to use hair dryer.
      It can be proof against high temperature.)

      Our wigs are made by human hand.
      so,it could look slightly different from the each product.

      Outfit:You can choose the outfit as optional choice.

      * Included accessories and fabric can be changed as the case may be wihtout any announcement.

      Shoes: It will be not included.

      Make-up: no make-up
      ( if you want to get make up service, make an order at make-up category as DOT make up.)

      More info here: http://www.dreamofdoll.com/eng/product/product_view.asp?idx=0X00000912&search_Cate=p_best
    2. Does this mean all DOI neck has been modded from now on? Or just ones to go with this head to sell as a set?
    3. No, it's no different than the Code 2 mold... It's exactly the same. ^^
      And I can fit DOT heads into the regular DOI body just fine... ^^;;

      Do we have a Discussion Thread?

    4. DoD Discussion Thread for large dolls here.