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D.O.D new boys HOO,YOO,WEE,SHEE pics & profile & mor

Dec 1, 2004

    1. Just wanted to provide exact info with photos of these new DOD boys
      since the previous post has exceeded the bandwidth ^^;
      Also their personal profiles are so cute
      I just had to translate them to share with you guys XD

      厚(후) HOO, 流(유) YOO, 偉(위) WEE, 詩(시) SHEE

      (not too sure about the spelling but that is how you read their names
      and I wrote the english pronounciation spelling based on DOD's previous spellings)


      comes with more slim line + improved body with long legs -height: 45cm

      Producer. Eyelet
      Doll Custom & Photo by JS

      And here are their profiles~



      He is the first boy of the of the 4th generation of
      guardians of the "hwarun" kingdom where many great martial masters were born from.
      (guardian name: blue dragon)
      He is the leader and has strong and respectful personality.
      He tought SHEE with martial arts.

      HOO's leading the team to enter the 'rajira tournament' where all
      martial art people are waiting for.

      age- unkown (looks like a teen boy normaly)
      likes - fruits
      hate- betreyal
      wish- to battle with someone stronger



      He is the second boy of the of the 4th generation of
      guardians of the "hwarun" kingdom where many great martial masters were born from.
      (guardian name: red phenix)
      He is the piece maker of the team, to prevent any fights or break down.
      Though he has kind and tender personality, his martial art skills are not easily competeable.

      age- unkown (looks like a teen boy normaly)
      likes - animals
      hate- silent mood
      wish- wants to battle with WEE on the tournament since WEE was his rival
      eversince his childhood.



      He is the third boy of the of the 4th generation of
      guardians of the "hwarun" kingdom where many great martial masters were born from.
      (guardian name: black turtle)

      Rather than training, he studeis to develop new martial art skills.
      Though he has heavy mouth, once angry becomes unstopable.

      The only one who can calm his anger is his friend YOO.

      age- unkown (looks like a teen boy normaly)
      likes - books
      hate- being forced
      wish- to win at the 'rajira' tournament with his newly developed martial art techniques



      He is the fourth boy of the of the 4th generation of
      guardians of the "hwarun" kingdom where many great martial masters were born from.
      (guardian name: white tiger)

      Little bit introvert, likes cute things and to take bath in hot springs.
      His cute appearance attracts people, thus he is like a mascot of the team.

      SHEE has great martial art skills since he learned them from HOO.

      likes - fish and hot spring
      hate- being patted on the head that he's cute and being called "little kitty"
      wish- to reach the final of 'rajira' tournament and get recognized by HOO for his martial art skills.

      extra info:

      They all come with various new hand parts and DOD is planning on sellig them seperately as well. They are also planning to sell their boy type body with longer legs seperately.
      I dont think they are selling all 4 together in a box;;

      By the way, if you read their names with out spaces they sound like 'who you wish' lol
      I dont know if DOD is making a joke out of their naming sense but thats how
      most of Korean BJD owners are interpreting > 3<;

    2. WOW! Great job! :D :D This is so helpful~ :grin: They really went all out with these four guys!
    3. *stabs teh evil double post*
    4. Yoo and Shee will be MINE!!! MINE I SAY!!!! MUWAHAHAHAAAA!!!


      I mean, yeah, they are pretty cool...
    5. HOO IS MINE


      Ammon will have his BF! and hsi Bf will be taller then him. *taller ish*
    6. Hahaha. I bet Shee would not be happy at all with the original, "ZOMG NEW DOD BOYS" post. Seeing as everyone was constantly like, "I love the little kitty boy! He's so cute!" Poor boy. XDDD;;

      I love Hoo the best! He's very handsome. Do you happen to know if they're selling the heads separately, or is it just the bodies and hands?

      By the way, thank you very much for providing updated info! We all appreciate it! <3

      Edit: Does anyone else think it's funny that the white one is named "Shee" and everyone thought he was a girl? XD
    7. Thank you SO much, Pookie!! This is just wonderful. :D

      I think I might need me an extra job too help pay for bringing Hoo and Yoo home to live with me *_*
    8. *mad giggles*

      This is SO just feeding the Yaoi fan in me. Bad DoD!
      And the Fushigi Yuugi fan, who's jumping up and down saying "Four gods earth and sky!!!"


      I so want Hoo. <3 And then I want to dress him up as Seiryuu-seikun. <3 Since I all ready have a Suzakuseikun cosplay planned for Kuro.... ^___^
    9. I'd really be interested in seeing these new bodies...nude. (LOL - not to be gross, but I want to see how they differ from the old ones.)

      By the way...does anyone know if AR Little Fair heads are compatible with DOD bodies?

      Just...plotting. :lol:
    10. Unfortunately, I think AR Little Fair heads would be too big for a DoD body. Just guessing, though, seeing as Little Fairs are bigger than DoDs. Someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
    11. GREAT! GREAT! GREAT! GREAT! *fall in looooooove POFT*
      *_________* love the history and the personalitys and everything! GOOOOSH!
      I wish everyone XDDDDD I think Hoo may br my guy ^^
    12. GAH! Yet another doll to my wish list.... YOO shall be mine one day... Are the going to be limited do you think?? I hope not....

    13. I hope DoD starts selling the red and gold eyes... <3
    14. I think theyll... they have it at korean site I guess... I think they are waiting the new dolls to come.. so they'll sell at international too
      God! I'll have hoo!
    15. ::cackles:: You are SO not alone. ::pervperv:: x3;

      Anyway, my boys were going to be Too but now I can't decide between Hoo, Yoo, and Wee. Does anybody know when those boys will be available for sale on the English site?
    16. O........MG....... *totally in love with Yoo*

      And Zoi... Feeding.... yaoi... is an understatement now.... They're.... *speechless*

      Makes you wanna just buy all 4 of them and start having them molest each other. They take everything that IS yaoi and turn them into dolls! Gah! *LOL* ORGY TIME!

      Ok. This late night thing is really messing with my mind now... <shuts up>
    17. Too&Bee-a "Pair of Lovers" = To be a pair of lovers ^O^

      Thanks for your hard work!!
    18. Woah, thanks for translating!

      ... I suspected they were based on the four Guardian Gods since I saw their colors ( and the "white kitty" that just screams "Byakko!" to me xDDD )


      ( I love Google. Who doesn't? :D )
    19. Oohhh thanks for translating! XD I sooo want Shee and Yoo. <33. So pretty.
    20. >< Whoops the guest was me.