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D-Tale , new clothes / shoes / eyes mall for BJD in freshing style

Apr 18, 2012

    1. Dear All,
      [FONT=&#23435]Problems in website solved.
      Server Upgraded, it may still be quite slow when there is too many ppl logging on at the same time ,
      sorry for that ><

      Discussion thread


      Welcome to join D-tale's new born party!
      We are a new online shop selling BJD's clothes , eyes , shoes and accessories.
      From now to 115/7/2012!, we are having a opening event ,
      All customers whose order over 30USD can get one single glass eye in random color.

      Over 30USD gets one
      Over 60USD gets two (Not in pair)
      Over 90USD gets three....etc

      And order over 400USD can get a free shipping(EMS)!

      Why don't come and join us now :)

      The belows are the new arrivel



    2. Will you be releasing boy's clothes as well?
    3. Hi! These look like wonderful products!

      Did you previously sell shoes through Fairy Tale at StoreEnvy and through Etsy? I have a pair of MSD-size Pirate Boots and SD-size Mori-girl shoes that you are selling in your shop. Are you selling the same products as other shops or are these now exclusive to you?
    4. Hi!
      We are working on boys' clothes now :)
      They will be released soon!

      Thank you for your support in our products!
      The shops you bought the shoes are operated by our dealer.
      As we have our own website now, those shoes will be exclusive on D-tale only :)


    5. Thanks for clearing that up. :D
    6. Hello, very pretty items :D
      Are the back of your glass eyes flat or round?
    7. If ordering $400+, does that mean its free shipping + plus the eyes?
    8. Everyone, please keep in mind that individual order problems and questions should be directed to the company, and not posted in News. Also, website issues should be brought to the attention of the company directly, and are not to be discussed in News threads. News is for informational updates only. Thanks!
    9. May I know which country are you from?
      I noticed that your company address is "401 Chunggu Bldg. 83 Dongsomun-dong 4ga, Sungbuk-gu, Seoul".
      It is the same as Atelier Muse. Are you both a partner or in the same office?
    10. We dont have any relationship with MUSD , our programmer have inserted a wrong address , and it is fixed now.sorry for that.
    11. So, where are you from?
      Are you a China company?
    12. Yes , we are compant from China :)
    13. those shoes are soooooooo adorable qm q!
      I wants it but I only has 1/4 girl atm.. D';
      any idea if you are going to make 1/4 items?