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[D612 Le Petit Prince]Last order on LPP BJDoll

Feb 20, 2009

    1. Hi^^

      We appreciate all of the DOA People who have been interested in our Le Petit Prince BJDoll.

      As the Licence contract on Le Petit Prince doll with Saint-ExupéryAssociation is expired, we will only get the order on the doll by March 8th 2009.

      Please make hurry if you have a plan to have the prince, this is the last chance.


      After March 8th 2009, we do not release this boy doll in Le Petit Prince version.

      Thank you.

    2. You know if the price of the doll was listed on the site, it would be nice to know how much is the doll. When I go on you site there is no price listing.
    3. They give a price after you sign in/register ^^; I found that out myself a while ago.
    4. For those who want to know:

      Le Petite Prince Standard set: $460
      Flying Night: $550
      Le Petite Prince Victorian Version: $550.00

      Pilot Outfit: $80.00

      These are a lot less than what I paid last year for him. He is beautiful doll in person
    5. do you know if the "sweat dream" prince will be available any time during the next few weeks? i missed out on the sleepy head version and if there is a last chance to get him i'll take advantage of the opportunity.
    6. "NOTICE : This LPP version of BJDoll set would be released by FEB 2009 only as the Licence is expired on the date. We appreciate all the people who love this boy. And we will release this boy in different version not Le Petit Prince as we are ready. Thank you."

      so, in case anyone was confused like i was, this means they WILL be selling this mold again, but not as Le petit prince so i guess without outfit+accessories?