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[D612Project]"Le Petit Prince" doll releasing

Jan 18, 2008

    1. "Le Petit Prince" Ball Jointed Dolls are newly released by D612Project.

      Under license of Saint Exupery Association in France,
      D612Project re-finds the Little Prince in the doll.

      Regarding "Le Petit Prince" as a wanderer and a little philosopher on the life and people, we would like to find him in our "Le Petit Prince" BJDoll.

      We remind the essential thing in our life and giggling star in the sky,
      we hope you all would share the memory with him.



      Free shipping worldwide by Jan 2008
    2. I'm so happy to see le petit prince capturing the imagination of people all over the world ^.^ It was one of the books I grew up with!

      Can I ask - are the dolls limited in number, or are they an ongoing release?
    3. OMG he is stunning! absolutely beautiful!
      but i've got a question, is there any naked doll photo?
      i would like to know his body structure^^
    4. Thanks for your interest on "Le Petit Prince" BJDOll.
      The "Le Petit Prince" BJDOll is not limited version, it would be ongoing in 2008 at least. And we are going to release several new version in this year.
      Thank you!
    5. Do you think you will ever release a MSD (43cm) version of him? He is so wonderful. I think there is a lot of interest for him in that size.

      I know I personally would snatch him up in an instant if he were the right size for my other msd sized dolls.
    6. I personally would ~die~ for him if he was 43cm or so. After all, how can he be "Le Petit Prince" if he's not smaller than my other kids?? Any plans at all in releasing him smaller??
    7. I'm happy to announce good news.
      D612Project decide the extend of the free shipping date by Feb 2008.
      We all are very happy to get the happy letter from the owner.
      We would like to share this happiness with more people.
      Please enjoy our service.

      Thank you.
    8. Will you be selling the outfits separately - such as the victorian one and the main green one at the top of the page?
    9. Thanks for your interest on "Le Petit Prince", TreeLore.
      Well, I'm sorry, yet we do not have not a plan to sell our special clothing items from the Little Prince.
      We are now in design some more clothing sets, but they would be different from the our full set costume. I hope we can show you some more special clothing sets for "Le Petit Prince" BJDoll seperated from the doll later as we are ready.

      Thank you.
    10. We are requested on 43cm doll for Le Petit Prince doll by email and board. Yet we do not have a plan to release 43cm Le Petit Prince doll soon, I'm afraid. And also we recieved many request on the Le Petit Prince wig and outfit. The Cupid curl released from GLiB(www.mudoll.com) is the closest style to the Le Petit Prince wig, which is fit for 7-8" head doll(43cm doll). I hope you would enjoy this styling tip!

      Thanks for your all interest on "Le Petit Prince" Doll.

      Thank you.
    11. Hi, Is the petit Prince flying night still available? I went to the website but the photo's would not load properly. Mmm i love that version! Could be my awful internet connection though.:aheartbea