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[D612Project]Le Petit Prince-victorian

Apr 17, 2008

    1. Thanks for your all interest and love on Le Petit Prince doll of D612 Project.

      We release new version of special set of Le Petit Prince-victorian.

      As regarding his dignity in the desert appearing in the story, we re-present the Le Petit Prince as victorian style with oriental ornament. I hope you all enjoy his new look.







      Dream Project 612 - Le Petit Prince
      We have doll dream from B612 Astroid, Le Petit Prince.

      Le Petit Prince : Prince Victorian
      Price : USD 830.00
      Composition: Le petit prince BJDoll(Face up included), 18mm Life-like acrylic eyes (Cobalt), Sepcial clothing set, wig, boots, basic case with shoulder belt line, Certificate.

      *Clothing set : Silk blouse / Silk taffeta Jacket / Trousers / Belt with embroidery

      -The silk and Taffeta Silk for Le Petit Prince-victorian version is dyed by hand, please keep caution when you wash or press.
      -The botton on the Silk Jacket and embroidry patch on the belt is hand made item, so these items can be changed with our additonal notice.

      height : 61cm
      eye : 18mm
      girth of head : 9.5"
      foot size : 7.3cm

      The ordered doll is shipped within 25 days from the payment.