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Dae Jang Geum dolls

Mar 5, 2007

    1. oh seen them before I think they aren`t allowed on this forum... unfortunatly. They do look like lovely dolls though.
    2. i see that thread but i can't post there
      so i thought of open another one
    3. I just about had a heart attack when I saw this topic. XD;
      Have always thought Dae Jang Geum dolls would be wonderful- never saw these before!
    4. Read the forum rules on doll criteria, and note that criteria number 8 is required. Number 8 is decided by the moderators, not by member opinion.


      Plus the fact that their manufacturer considers them BJFD (ball jointed fashion doll) never helps.

      BTW - I do not remember seeing the mods state an opinion on these yet. Anyone have a link to their decision, if any?

    5. can you explain to me the number 8?
      I have read it various times but I don't understand it

      and why do you think this dolls don't have this?
    6. I've never seen the mods state an opinion on Jigmaree Hana. In fact, I had her in a WTB thread in the marketplace for several months before I became nervous and removed her.

      She is made of french resin, is msd sized, has standard ball joints. The actual manufacturers website is here. >< You have no idea how long it took me to find them, it was a bit ridiculous. For months, all I had to go on was Shin-Mang, and people even thought her mould name was "Her way".

      I'm fairly sure they're going to decide against her, but I really love her nonetheless.
    7. double post. >< I swear I only clicked 'submit' once.

      Anyways, uhm, she can wear Tonner clothes. When she was first announced on DoA, no one really knew who made her, because she was an ebay find, and Shin Mang didn't say. It was thought that her name was "Hana" (it was) and that the brand name was "Her Way" (which it turns out was unrelated). She is also sometimes refered to as "Shin Mang Hana". I ebay for her often, but I haven't gotten lucky in a long time. -_-

      She was sold as a blank, or with a faceup, but not as a Dae Jang Geum. Later, Jigamaree, her actual company, made a deal with the tv show to market her as a Dae Jang Geum cosplay. This deal significantly increased her price. I don't know if they're still going to market her as Hana, anymore... I suspect, not.
    8. thanks for link the site, i have not find it :)
    9. The Photo Album is awesome, it's a huuuuuuge flash download, but worth it if you like her sculpt.
    10. oh i find her search for msd sized things on ebay
      i only read the description of the auction, i didn't know her had another name before
    11. she looks like she would fit, made out of resin, head cap, wig, eyes, etc. on the thread the mods closed it, maybe their still talking about it? she's very real looking too. ^^
    12. If I had not just bought a doll I would be all over this! She is gorgeous, and french resin.
    13. My thoughts on rule 8 -

      The forum creators and mods have specific criteria about what style of resin dolls they want discussed on DoA. Criteria 8 involves the proportions of most Asian BJD's (i.e. the range of typical SD and MSD body and head proportions) as opposed to the proportions of other styles of dolls.

      Being a strung resin ball jointed doll with 2-part head, and changeable wigs and eyes is not an automatic pass.

      Extracted from the Doll Criteria

      8. Consistent with the style of other dolls presently allowed in terms of facial and body proportioning and overall aesthetic style.

      The following doll types are considered off-topic for DoA:
      ~ Fashion dolls, such as Sybarites and RnD Angels

      And here is the manufacturer's description of the doll:

      "She is the 16 BJFD(Ball Jointed Fashion Doll) and the first Edition in the name of Jigamaree. She has both varied pose of BJD and beauty of Fashion Doll."

      She is a 16-inch doll with a 5.3cm head (like RnD angels), 6-8mm eyes, small hands and feet, slim body and limbs - basically the proportions of a fashion doll. Also her manufacturer calls her a fashion doll.

      She seems to be very similar to the proportions of RnD Angels.

      But I am not a moderator, but the last thing an admin said about them might be this:

    14. I am pretty sure she is off topic for DoA. *nods*

      However, imho, only because the manufacturer decided to market her this way, not because she doesn't meet our aesthetic.
    15. I fail to see why "fashion" in a description is such anathema. Is the endless sewing, buying, modding, dressing, not FASHION?
    16. :? Ok so if this type is not allowed then what about the new Unoa 2 they look like Tyler fashion dolls too with their new slimmer type bodies and high style feet in case anyone noticed it?
    17. *shrug*

      Mod's descretion. The Revolotion! has been attempted more than once, but this is an Asian Ball Jointed Doll forum, a 'private' one at that, and the mods decided to whittle down the base of discussion with the rules stated.
    18. Well, I like her and think she belongs here. The more, the merrier. Of course, I love my Unoa 2nd as well. ;)