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DaisyDayes' centaur, Elise [17cm of cuteness]!!!!

Apr 8, 2011

    1. oooh i want one. O___O adorable tiny centaur? cute.
    2. So cute! She has such a unique face. Shame I have no money for her ;_;
    3. it's a little creepy; She shares my name and her expected delivery date is the same month as my birthday. o_O; She's really lovely, and I wish I would be able to bring her home!
    4. I hope that a NS version follows shortly...I'd love one in NS.
    5. So cute and tiny! I'd love to see them in NS too. <3
    6. OMGMURGLEGURBLEBBQLUFFS *dies* I already have a roly poly clompy stompy pudgy pony butt from Daisydayes. The thought of a more slender companion for her just has me in a world of squee! I wish I could get her. I hope I can get her! *runs around the house for things to have a yard sale with*
    7. I wish I could get her too. She would be the perfect companion for Kaitlin, Kaitlin even wants her has a friend lol. I'm in the same boat as the above, no money to get her.

      after this pre-order is over, is that it? Or will she be available again?
    8. OMG awesome! I've been eyeing Daisy's older version centuars for ages! So I'm stoked to see this release! Are they going to be limited? Cause I sure hope not!! This is the first thing with hooves that has stomped it's way onto my wish list! I'm doomed!! Great job Daisy!
    9. Adding to the list of people for whom this is not a great time, financially, but I think I will have to see what I can manage.

      She's got the strangest little face but it's really grown on me. I absolutely love the body, though. <3
    10. So cute! If I had the money I would so buy her. <33
      I'm going to need to see pics from those who get her!
    11. Yay! My husband got her for me for my birthday/anniversary gift! Oh Im SO excited :) Im going to give her dark hair and warpaint. So many opportunities with this little critter!
    12. Hello, there are no plans for a normal skin girl. Just want to let everyone know. So if you want one of these girls, this may be the only order period this year.
    13. I didn't see anything to the effect, but I just wanted to be sure - this isn't the type of limited sale that might close early depending on the number of sales, is it? I think I might be able to get her if I wait to the end of the month, just before the pre-order period ends, but I would hate to miss out if she sells out early.
    14. Hi, we start production once the pre-order is closed. So no it is not limited that way. But once the pre-order closes, then she will be sold out. You have until 12 midnight Hawaii time on the last day of the sale.
    15. Awesome. :D I can probably buy her within the last few days, if I watch my budget.

      I've already been thinking of how I might want to customize her face-up. XD I can already imagine how much fun she's going to be!
    16. Oh hey! I have a thread here! (On-topic?) Cool!! thank you so much you all! Sorry to be late! (and clueless, as always)

      I'm so excited to have the centaurs available, I built my first centaur here in the DOA Artist's section, so being able to share the newer version with you guys is really sweet, thank you all from years past and thru now who have been so supportive of my little four legged ladies!
      if anyone wanted to take a trip back in time and see the first tries, I think most of the pics still work (and I think I cleaned out the ones that weren't working)

      centaurjpop 131 by daisydayes, on Flickr
      Elise has a bunch of pictures in Flickr for anyone wanting to poke around, there's even a few pictures of her in clay while I was making her (gosh....last year already!)
      and at the Cafe I have an artist thread/work thread

      hmmmm... I think there might be a few of my hand cast versions who might want to stop by the thread later

      As for 'normal skin' eh....IF I get a chance to do another run of the centaurs, I think I'd rather do a fantasy color, but I really don't want to plan any of that right now, it's far too soon! chickens in baskets, or eggs in hand...something about a crossing the road if I can't get out of a kitchen, you know? *wink*

      *dances* I have a thread? LOL
    17. Ooh, hello!

      Thank you for sharking the Flickr link. I did a search for your centaurs the other day, but I didn't see all of those. They can hold some seriously impressive poses!

      I think I'm officially sold on having my own wee centaur. Must have. XD

      If you do another run with fantasy colours, I'd love to see a soft lavender, periwinkle or grey. <3
    18. Fantasy colors would be cool too (and tan would be AWESOME). I just have in my memory a picture of a Min del Re head on one of your centaurs that I saw somewhere a while ago, which is why I asked about NS. She was pretty sweet.

      Any plans to do the Kittys?
    19. Ah, you remember my little Min-taur! LOL, that body I put her on was smaller than the Elise bodies (made from scraps that I carved into shape) She'd be baby centaur sized compared to Elise (I'll see if I can find the pic again somewhere...)

      *shuffles feets* I don't know if I'm allowed to talk about future releases, but yes, we're trying for kitties too, and the Cafe holds all info, and peeks into a bunch of things I've got coming this year

      elise 052 by daisydayes, on Flickr
      bunch of new pics in Flickr of my two personal 'taur ladies