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DaisyDayes' MOTH! There's a New Fairy in Town!

Oct 15, 2010

    1. Now that she's been approved and Mouse already has a thread burning, we have to have one for this sassy little sprite too!
    2. *wiggles* thanks Darkstar!!!

      Moth is 13cm of pure tiny-tude!
      she can wear a lot of the same clothes as the tiny elfdolls, and some bratz kidz clothing too!
      (though.....my own Moth prefers to be a bald little nudist...*shrug*)

      numoth 029 by daisydayes, on Flickr
    3. yes welcome moth......as soon as I have mine I will share pictures....she is so pretty!!
    4. YAY Moth, you darling thing. So happy I have a place to sit and wait and plot and plan while waiting for my girl to arrive.

      Are we allowed to put them in the news section with a link to here?

      Pulls up a chair to wait.
    5. Don't take this the wrong way DaisyDayes but I wish no one else knew about these two until say after next weekend! They're probably going to be sold out now before I get any money and I really want a Moth! I wish JPop did layaway :(
    6. Ask Grace if she would hold one for you. You got nothing to lose
    7. Awwww Mu Shu! Ya gotta getta Moth!

      It does Hugely Suck that both sculpts got released at the same time....???!

      Tiggs is lookin up citations about this as we speak...
    8. I had just made arragements to get an Elfdoll Catsy when Moth and Mouse went up for sale :...( I thought I could at least get Moth too (but then my brother needed help and they have a new baby and I said "well new nephew trumps any dolly needs" I do wish this economy would pick up though so all my play money could be used just for that and not life necessities). I was going to email Grace and see about holding one, but I think my brother and his family are going to need a lot more help then what they asked for, so I'll just have to wait and see.

      I would positively pounce though if she would get released in tan (hint, hint ;))
    9. Yep, I dont think this will be the only release, just the only release in normal skin. Maybe a rainbow of colours in the future ..
    10. Mu Shu, I believe that Grace said that if these dolls were successful in this first run (which looks to be the case), they'd be released again, perhaps in a different color. So chances are good that even if you can't do one now, they will be out again a little down the road. Yeah, this economy stinks and has put so much strain on so many people in so many different ways (I am trying to do some "rehoming" with not much luck - no one is buying the older stuff right now). You are absolutely doing the right thing though and hopefully that good karma will catch up with you.
    11. [​IMG] Hi mom! This leddy be crazy n stuffs
    12. Oh you wonderful little elf of a Moth! SqueeDorable!
    13. That is some serious hair going on there 1mim :fangirl:
    14. Hey DaisyDayes, do you know if Fairyland Pukipuki wigs will fit Moth? What about Pukipuki shoes?
    15. Are they French Resin...they look so translucent...it's gorgeous
    16. Squeeee....sunbathing Moth....:aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea Ohhh I can't wait to get this little beauty home !
    17. *squeeee* crosses fingers that my angel can order me one!
    18. Hiya! PukiPuki wigs are too big for these guys! they have a size 3 head, but with a deep cap (to fit that little egg shaped noggin)
      and some puki shoes/kelly shoes fit, the softer material shoes mostly, but her foot is a bit bigger than a Puki foot

      sizecomps 001 by daisydayes, on Flickr
      I don't have a pic of just their baldy head next to eachther, but you can sort of get the idea of Puki head vs Moth head in this pic

      Reine, they aren't really 'french resin' they are cast in what is called "realskin" and I guess it doesn't yellow the way that french resin does! but yes! they are translucent, and the resin is just so YUMMY looking!!!! she almost seems to glow!
    19. Man, she is so Gorgeous! And you know we love Glow Gals! Those shades are a Hoot! Uh Oh, Tiggs might not be very skilled at *sharing* but I Bet Moth is Grrreat at Stealing! We have many talented seamstresses over at the Firefly thread, many of which are getting Moth so I bet there will be no shortage of wigs and shoes and goodies for her - well, if she ever consents to clothing ROTFL!!!!