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DaisyDayes Mouse Tiny Discussion Part 1

Oct 11, 2010


      *runs around doing the on-topic dance*

      this is Mouse!
      smouse 130 by daisydayes, on Flickr
      Mouse is about 15cm, and she can wear the same shoes as the PukiFee and Lati Yellow dolls, but she is a bit slimmer, while most of the clothing fits, a few things seem baggy

      I'm pleased and giddy and all kinds of silly-happy that my dolls (Mouse and Moth) have been approved as On-Topic here!

      for my own clarification, and to ask that we all follow the rules of DOA, please know that I cannot discuss dolls that are in-progress, as anything that is still in-progress would need to be approved and voted on by the mods before it would be allowed here....however! you all are ~more than welcome~ to check out my Flickr page for sneak peeks, and I'm perfectly chatty about things there!

      also, if you are a member of The Resin Cafe, you can find my thread there in the Artist's section! I post ALL KINDS of information and speculations in that thread, we have a lot of fun there! http://aisy.proboards.com/index.cgi

      as for sales, JPopdolls.net is the place to buy my dolls, not from me! so I can't talk shop with you guys here, please understand if I ignore questions about selling/buying, etc, it isn't that I'm mean, or rude, I'm just following the rules, I'm a guest in the home of DOA, and I don't want to break house-rules or wear out my welcome, please contact me on Flickr, or at the Cafe for sales questions (or contact JPop!)

      I look forward to seeing many pictures here when the dolls start to arrive! I hope you guys have as much fun with them as I am having!!! (and I'm having waaaaaay too much fun with them!)
      the factory that worked on them did a fantastic job! they improved so much, and yet each doll has retained the personality and character that they had in the original scrappy-homecasts!
    2. YIPeee Doodle!!!!! I Knewed Me DazyDames Gots Dat Asians Athletics!

      (please pardon Tiggys homie stylin faceup! Its truly lovely by candlelight, but we are not exactly pros at this!)

      link to Tiggy's faceup Jobbie http://tiggyzcabin.blogspot.com/2010/07/omg-tiggy-busys-heres-do-not-be.html

      ConGratulations DaisyDayes and Wonderful MOUSE!!!!! YAAAAYYYY For DOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    3. YAY!!! Both Mouse and Moth!!!! Congratulations, DaisyDayes! It couldn't happen to a nicer, more creative artist and I hope there will be many, many, MANY threads for new creations to follow! I just bought some 4/5 wigs today for Mouse, even though I know it will be a little while until she gets here. (She already has a pretty nice wardrobe started too! - just have to find her shoes now which, if I understand correctly, are about the same size as Lati Yellow/Little Fee only it would help for her to have socks?) Am so looking forward to this little girl and her buddy, Moth!
    4. Mouse has her first Photo-story up on DOA (though she's old-hat elsewhere, LOL)

      I want to thank everyone who has always supported me and my strange dollies! you guys rock!!!!I wouldn't have kept at this if I hadn't had your love over the years!

      Yups Darkstar, they'll fit Lati Yellow sized shoes, socks do help, but they aren't totally necessary
      (rubyred galleria is a dangerous dangerous place for your ccards! but it's the fun sort of dangerous!)
    5. AH Daisy!! Hugs and congratulations!!! Mouse is looking awesome! Could not have happened to a nicer person and a more talented artist!!!! Pie is SO happy she is allowed to play here



      PS where is Moth hiding I need to sign up so I can happily wait with fellow Moth (ers)

      Dollz is that a teeny caravan!! You have such cool stuffs
    6. I snuck my scrappy lil darlin Mouse Sam into her first concert today - she sang along rather unexpectedly energetically!
    7. [​IMG]

      Pie and Madge.

    8. [​IMG]

      Cant get enough of sweet sweet Pie

      (just so you all know Mouse (Pie) is going to need at least one best friend forever. I am lucky that Madge (dollfactory bobo) has been all she has asked for so far
    9. OMG she's cute! :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea

      Sadly - apart from the fact that I have sworn never ever again to get anything smaller than a PukiFee - I just can't afford her. No more dolls for me this year. I'll have to just enjoy all the beautiful pictures of her.

      Congrats DaisyDayes on getting her on topic here. It couldn't have happened to a cuter doll. LOL

    10. I just ordered Mouse (and Moth!) today!! I'm so excited! I feel all giddy and bubblie. Of course, everyone here looks at me like I'm a little off-kilter.. but I know YOU all know that feeling, huh?

      This little girl is sooooo cute! Thanks DaisyDayes! You've become the tops of my favorite sculptors. awwwsuuuum work!
    11. AAAAAAAH!!! I have had my Mouse girls dressed for Halloween for nearly an entire WEEK, and meant to gt pictures for you all of them in costume....but technology and FireFox both spit-up on eachother and left me without much computer access....anyways!

      we have aftermath pictures of Mouse and nuMouse with their loot!

      "WOW! our bags are so full!!!"

      "Yeah....I think three whole bits-o-honey fit into them...."

      "And Candy Corms!"

      "Corn....not Corms"

      "That's what I said!"

      "I just can't believe Daisy made us dress alike!"

      "At least you can use your hands, mine are all stuffed into this suit"

      "hehe, yeah, I always win at Rock Paper Scissors....

      *OM NOM NOM*

      "....heeeey, where did all my candy go!?"

      "um.....I forgot what bag was mine!"

      "So you ate both!?"

      "you should be impressed! I did that without the use of my hands!"
    12. [​IMG]

      "I'm sorry"

      "Are you mad?"

      "No, I think you learned your lesson"

      "When do we get to go candy hunting again?"

      "I hear Christmas is a good holiday for food!"

      "So long as no one dresses us up in pink bunny suits...."
    13. Awwwww so sweet! Omg, they are so Freakin adorable together! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

      We Wants Chocolate!

    14. DaisyDayes, what a sweet story! Oh gosh I just LOVE the mice! Haha. They´re so fun together. NuMouse looks so plump after eating all the candies herself. But old Mouse is still my favourite as she has sooo much feeling in her eyes. Poor thing in the *sigh* pic! Want to hug her and give twice as much candies... ^^

      DollZwize, lovely photo of your cute dolls! Looks like your Mouse is a bit afraid of the cat! :)
    15. GUYS!!!!! Noooo not you


      If you have any spare chocolate Dollz I think now is the time to share!
    16. Whew! That could have been a close call! Glad Pie and Madge had the good sense to listen to you. I am guessing that stuff is pretty tempting to mice!
    17. *snort giggles* uh-oh Imajica!!! I don't know if they'll trust your cookings for a while, hehehe
    18. Madge just slays me! Those DollFactory anthros are just so stuffed with personality!
    19. Here's Ya Go Ya Lil Mouselets!
      Plenty Other Ways Ta Deal Wids Mousies.....
      WAAAAAAATs?!!!!! I gaves chocolates?! dangs.....cans ya pass me somes?....