Daiyanissa feedback thread

Feb 22, 2018

    1. Feedback for myself
    2. Daiyanissa commissioned me for a Yukata with Haori over facebook. I want to leave her good feedback although she does not have marketplace access here, because she was super nice to me and I want to share my experience and help her with feedback when she has MP Access here!

      The Commisssion was a Yukata in dark blue with a light blue Haori jacket. She was pacient during the whole making process also I took some more time than expected because my job was tough.
      After sending the Pics of the finished work she promptly paid me via paypal. I send of her package soon after.
      Sadly the post took a bit longer than expected but we figured out that I will send them an inquiry. Just when I was about to fill it out, I got the message that it arrived and Daiyanissa is very happy with the items.

      I'd always do business with her again. She was super nice, friendly and pacient.
      Thank you for doing business with me!
      Highly reccommended!
    3. Daiyanissa Commissioned me two outfits from hakuoki, very good with communication and prompt with payment. Would love to work with her again. :)
    4. Daiyanissa purchased an IOS Garsh head from me and was very easy to work with! She paid off her layaway a day or two early with no prompting required and was very quick to let me know when the head arrived. I'd sell to her any time. :)
      Daiyanissa purchased a Dollheart set of clothes from me.
      She was a pleasure to deal with. Excellent communication and prompt payment.
      Even notified me when items arrived and left feedback without prompting. Will happily deal with again.
    6. Daiyanissa bought a Volks outfit set from me. Great communication. Prompt payment. Very smooth & pleasant transaction overall. She also let me know when the package arrived:DHighly recommended buyer~! Thanks again for your purchase~!:)
    7. Daiyanissa purchased a yosd outfit set from me. Replies were prompt and payment was sent quickly. She was also patient in waiting for the item to reach her; the shipping was possibly delayed due to the weather. Thanks for a wonderful transaction!
    8. Daiyanissa bought a Miss Kitty full set from me. Since this was just when the pandemic-related mail restrictions started and her country went on a DHL Nope List, it took me very long to be able to ship, and the shipping itself took longer than usual as well. She has been super patient and understanding all the way, which I tremendously appreciate!